WAW !!! Caterham Seven Supersprint 2017 Review

Caterham Seven Supersprint 2017 review

What is it?
The Caterham Seven Supersprint is the second of two limited-edition cars introduced by the firm this year to mark the 60th anniversary of the original Lotus Seven. The Seven Supersprint picks up where the Seven Sprint left off earlier this year but where the latter was intended for road-based enjoyment primarily, the former’s the kind of Caterham you can drive to and from a track day and blast down the pit lane in while you’re there.

What’s it like?
Circuit-ready or not, this Seven definitely has the aura of a car intended for the stationary affection of car club collectors rather than for regular track sessions. But it’s well worth noting that most of Caterham’s cottage-industry rivals now offer significantly more cabin space than you get in a standard Seven and make cars that are a lot easier to drive for those longer of leg and larger of foot. The car’s three-cylinder engine is fairly quiet by Caterham standards; its exhaust routed down the passenger side of the car and away from immediate proximity to your ears, although it still makes a promising and characterful noise. The Supersprint uses the same 14in steel wheels and 155-section Avon tyres as the Seven 160 and its handling can be even more lively and engrossing as the bottom-rung Caterham’s is. Through faster bends, it also seems to take the car’s body longer to settle on its outside rear wheel than other Sevens need.

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