Vehicles for Children COMPILATION studying Construct A Truck, Monster Truck and Vehicles for Youngsters Movies

Learn Numbers with the balls and the dumpsters with Dina and Dino the Planes. Plane assembly cartoon
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Trucks for Kids COMPILATION | learning Build A Truck, Monster Truck and Trucks for Children Videos

Build A Truck – by Funny Learning TV
BUILD and RACE your very own monster trucks! Build A Truck allows you to customize and build monster trucks. But choose carefully, as each decision and building block will have real impact on your trucks when the races begin! Experiment with the physics of speed, torque, drag, mass, inertia, friction, acceleration, gravity and more. AGES: 4-8.
– FACTORY: Choose a body, paint, decal, wheels, engine, and exhaust! Come try dragon wings, sirens, propeller hat, and more on your Truck
– GARAGE: Start collecting cars and earning medals in the Garage
– RACE: Race your truck through snow, jungles, sewers and an ever changing surprise track for unlimited play

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