Unbelievable CRAZY Dumb Truck Caught in EXTREME Street – INSANE Semi Truck OFFROAD Compilation

Incredible CRAZY Dumb Truck Stuck in EXTREME Road - INSANE Semi Truck OFFROAD Compilation

Incredible CRAZY Dumb Truck Stuck in EXTREME Road – INSANE Semi Truck OFFROAD Compilation

CRAZY Unbelievable Awesome Truck Driving Skills OFFROAD – Incredible Truck Back Up on NARROW Road: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teMoc_Fk4dM
Impossible EXTREME Amazing Truck Driving Skills on NARROW Road – INSANE Semi Truck OFFROAD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSzQuz8MTiU

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35 Comments to Unbelievable CRAZY Dumb Truck Caught in EXTREME Street – INSANE Semi Truck OFFROAD Compilation

  1. In that first one, why were so many people recording the truck before it became stuck? At the best places to view it? And why was all the footage so good?( I know phones have good cameras and all, but the lighting is usually shitty, or the person is shaking it like a madman). Not in this case.. me thinks something is odd about that one

  2. Brian Voll says:

    I drive a smaller truck and have to make some strange decisions sometimes. I wonder how many people laugh at me from far away.

  3. Those guys laughing at the driver that was in the blue truck with the white trailer they have no idea what it's like to drive a truck. It's okay mommy and daddy will bail you out on every accident that you caused in your new BMW.

  4. Bunch of fucking amatures

  5. Seth Boggs says:

    To the stupid jagoffs laughing at the guy in the blue truck motherfucker what are you laughing at he probably has a better paying job than you anyway while you're still flipping burgers because you made poor life decisions and he didn't that's why they're called accidents not on purposes now go flip your burger there McDonald's fry cook with your annoying laugh

  6. Racing Fox says:

    The blind leading the blind the drive school should have never brought a student to make a turn like this, The biggest problem I see are inexperience Indian that have no common sense and are ignorant on the roads with complete disregard for our law in North America, In Canada they are a serious problem!

  7. Ya asswholes that old dodge u mocking did the job done l wonder how come some of u Americans don t beleave your cars that s why jeremy clarckson mocking your cars all the time. American product is the best in the world. I am from iran

  8. mcgoo721 says:

    All those people filming the first video and no one wants to help spot. Thats pretty lame.

  9. Student driver never got out

  10. Dal V says:

    Jesus Christ all those people with cameras are vultures

  11. Why not slide the tandems? Problem solved. Plus the car is illegally parked. Just saying.

  12. north shore driving school 😂😂 what kind of instructor would allow this to happen

  13. The first one!all the people in the crowd.have they nothing to do in life?this is not the worlds biggest thing!get a life for gods sake…tragic!

  14. Danno Dover says:

    the laughers are annoying , they smoking pot? hope they do something stupid in public and get ridiculed! karma is a bitch

  15. Curtis Brown says:

    If you hit my car i will Shoot you in the face

  16. John haworth says:

    Standing around laughing like girls is easier than trying to help someone.

  17. Those school girls laughing at the end lol.

  18. so we had to pull a semi with three tankers completely full out of a mud pit, the mud gone up to half the rim height. we only had a 2002 dodge Durango 5.7 v8 magnum, we hooked it up with a chain to the rig and with out four wheel drive I slowly tapped the gas and no the rig was not on and it came out like pulling a glove off, and our Durango was not a diesel.

  19. Koolshoe 625 says:

    At 4:39 did this guy just walk in front the camera wearing a half bear LMAO really hard ha ha ha……LMAO…I'm done, too weak lol…lol…lol

  20. I see signs for no parking, this video has half the correct headline, the instructor should have not have attempted this corner and called a tow truck first.

  21. Third truck, blue one, those idiots sounded like a bunch of middle school girls!

  22. Necronomous says:

    The first trucker I cannot blame even if it was a student driver. YOU DO NOT PARK THAT CLOSE TO A INTERSECTION!

  23. Marc Miesch says:

    Shit head little teen bitches making fun of a guy trying to make a living – maybe these young, dumb and full of cum dick heads should try holding down a real job sometime! instead of jacking off and playing video games 24/7… Good luck in life morons !!!

  24. Marco Polo says:

    I am wondering if the publisher of this video ever drove one? it looks to me like Crazy Dumb Teen posted it… try drive truck yourself especially when sometimes happens to missed the way … besides on the first truck it even says student driver..anyone can make mistakes especially student drivers..

  25. People that have never drove a semi before can not realize what difficult places we have to get in and out of. To call a driver stupid because he gets suck is stupid for thinking so

  26. GeorgeJansen says:

    We all had to crawl before we walked folks . Buy its the experienced drivers who do the stupid shit that gets me. IE. 13F6in truck on the Roosevelt pkwy NYC

  27. Sixpak666666 says:

    North Shore Driving School from BC, I can guess what nationality the "instructors" and trainees are.

  28. Elbert Beam says:

    I drive a semi truck and I can tell you the only reason some of these drivers make stupid judgement calls. They are really tired with these electronic log books are plain stupid. Once the clock is ticking you cannot stop and rest you have to keep on going. When your time is up for the day if you haven't gone your mileage for the day you will be late. You will lose your job if your late too much. Truck drivers are under more pressure than the old days. I miss paper log books. If you wanted to pull over for a nap no problem you could draw a line and have split sleeper berth. Drive 10 sleep 8 who needs 10 hours of sleep. Don't judge these people unless you know the whole story

  29. ytown steel says:

    You would think that a driver training school would have designated routes that they use so that this would not happen.

  30. Kelly Bowen says:

    That last vid, Canadians sure talk a lot of shit, for a country that has a military that the Mexican cartels could stop and still have time for lunch. Canadians are fucking loud ass cowards. "But our beer is stronger than yours AAA", and your women are ugly as shit, that's why you have such strong beer, retards.

  31. Cant wait to get my CDL at north shore driving school

  32. Dondi Dykes says:

    The car shouldn't have been parked there

  33. Thomas Wade says:

    Asshole millennials laughing and filming never did a days work in your lives go back home to mommy 😂bunch of losers some people work for a living you assholes .

  34. Ellyn Hoos says:


  35. Somebody shut these cackling broads up…6:17

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