ULTIMATE Semi Truck Backing Up Expertise Ever – AMAZING Massive Truck Parking Compilation

ULTIMATE Semi Truck Backing Up Skills Ever – AMAZING Big Truck Parking Compilation

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17 Replies to “ULTIMATE Semi Truck Backing Up Expertise Ever – AMAZING Massive Truck Parking Compilation”

  1. I will give the steel hauler credit good job with the doubles, shorter trailers are harder. Nothing exceptional about the others. Most had day cabs/cabovers nothing out of the ordinary there.

  2. Try doing backing doubles that are only 28 feet long each without power steering. It can be done but WOW is it work. They turn quicker than the long trailer doubles shown here and some doubles 'Jo-Dog's' lock so it's easier or they have limited range to turn. But still these guys did a great job of it.

  3. I've got to say none of these are any special, most of them are "all day" type, the only two any difficulty at all are the two with doubles, even then straight line backing not difficult. (The first guy actually made it difficult on himself, you don't blind side unless you have to, he didn't have to).

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