Triumph Tiger 1200 - Pillions and Panniers - Part 1

If you own a Triumph Tiger 1200 (or Explorer) you will already be aware of the content and might like to skip this video. If you’re thinking of purchasing a new or second hand Tiger 1200 (MY 2018 and on, Gen 3) this video looks to see what makes the Triumph Tiger 1200 a good two up tourer and what considerations need to be given to luggage to make sure the pillion is catered for.

The Triumph/Givi rails issue is covered in a compact and succinct way in this video

Givi PL6408CAM is the correct part number for the Gen 3 model Triumph Tiger 1200. If you use some selectors it will not come up as compatible. This is listed for the Gen 2 Triumph Explorer Explorer which is also fits.

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