TOYOTA COROLLA TOURING SPORTS - Hybrid wagon First look | 2019

The New 2019 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Wagon (hatchback) | Corolla Touring Sports | Paris Motor Show 2018 | toyota corolla wagon launched. hybrid station wagon.
Toyota Corolla Touring Sports to debut in Paris | टोयोटा कोरोला टूरिंग स्पोर्ट्स.
Following the March unveiling of a sedan in Geneva, the French capital will provide the venue for the first showing of the new Toyota Corolla Touring Sports station wagon, which will go on display at the Paris Motor Show from October 4 to 14, 2018. In 2019, the new Toyota Corolla range will take over in showrooms from the Auris nameplate, which is being retired.

The hybrid station wagon has a low centre of gravity, a generous 2,700 mm wheelbase and a sloping roofline, which is complemented by a raked rear windshield and full-LED rear lights. The idea put forward by the Japanese manufacturer is for a tough, elegant and comfortable wagon.

The generously proportioned interior is modern and spacious, and particularly appealing to rear passengers, who will benefit from plenty of legroom. The version that will go on display in Paris has been specifically designed with the European market in mind.
As for the engine, the Corolla Touring Sports is available in two petrol-electric hybrid options, a122 hp version with a 1.8-litre motor and a 180 hp version with a 2-litre motor. Some models will also ship with high-end adaptive variable suspension (AVS).

Toyota has already announced a list of items that will be fitted as standard on top of the range models and offered as options on others. These include a 3D driver’s meter, a premium head-up display, a JBL GreenEdge Premium sound system, a wireless mobile phone charger and the Toyota Touch multimedia system.

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