Topaz Detailing London: Zonda 760, McLaren F1 GTR, P1, Veyron

Inside the fabulous walls of Topaz Detailing London. On a visit to discuss the upcoming detailing and paint protection film work to be carried out on the 650S, Topaz co-founder, Nabil Naamo shows me around the detailing facility.

Everything is entirely purpose built with dedicated areas with specific lighting for cars that are at Topaz for different purposes. Whether that’s a new Ferrari 458 Speciale for a new-car paint preparation, or an entire Level 5 offering to the absolute top level such as a McLaren F1. A separate dust-free workshop is created for Paint Protection Film application, where the facilities enable film to be created and fitted even to the most bespoke of vehicles such as the one-off Pagani Zonda 760 seen here.

Naturally Topaz Detailing London is closed to the public so it’s a fantastic opportunity to take a look at both the incredible array of vehicles being worked on when I took my visit and additionally see the quality of services available to refine the paintwork of different vehicles. We will be demonstrating the services in significantly more detail over the coming week while undertaking both a detail to the McLaren 650S and additionally applying Paint Protection Film.

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