Top 5 Amazing Semi Truck Skills

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I hope these truck drivers are paid well! They show exceptional skills and ability in their field. Today’s upload is on the top five amazing semi trucking skills.

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11 Replies to “Top 5 Amazing Semi Truck Skills”

  1. Replace the clip of a truck driving through a flooded road with the last clip. To plow through a flooded road isn’t a skill but a reckless gamble. Couldn’t see the road under the water so there’s the chance the road could be heavily damaged. Along with guesstimating the depth and speed of the water, there is a chance of being hit by large debris. The impatient driver was probably ignorant or just didn’t care if he failed.

  2. The first two log trucks had rear tandem steering. Easy. The first driver driving thru stopped traffic was road raging. The tanker guy did a damn good job. The third logger had a double jointed rig. Dude that drove into the sand pit did a real good job. Gravel truck near end did good.

  3. What this guy fails to comment on is that this is nothing new to the truck driver in #2, with the logging truck. He's loaded. So that means that he came up this road earlier to get the logs. He knows what the roads and the turns are. He also has the equipment that will make the corner without a problem.

    Truck four could care less about the momentum. Logging trucks can make that grade from a standing start. They have all the torque that they need, and then some.

  4. I drove truck here in Canada and will agree that all these drivers have incredible skills! The only issue I have is the logging trucks have steerable rear (trailer) axles which without those there is no way possible they could've made those turns! Again they are great drivers but anyone with years of experience could make those turns! Awesome video and keep'em coming!

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