The Most Amazing, Unusual and Bizarre Trucks! CRAZY TRUCKS!

In this video, I collected the most unusual, and the most strange, and stunning trucks! It is a pity that many of them never received a mass distribution! I would like to see on the roads such unusual bizarre cars! )
I’ll list all the amazing trucks that are in this video:

1978 Colani Truck 2001
2001 DAF Aero 3000 Truck
2002 Colani Spitzer-Silo Truck
2006 Colani SuperTruck
1964 GM Bison
1992 Mercedes-Benz EXT-92
2010 MAN Concept S
2014 Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience
2012 Freightliner Revolution
2015 Freightliner SuperTruck
2014 Mercedes Future Truck 2025
2016 Nikola One
1983 Steinwinter Supercargo 20.40

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On this channel you can look at the future, you can see beauty, and you can see the cars that combine it all. And, of course, beautiful girls!
I love modern cars, concept car. I love these amazing shapes! And I want to share my findings with you.
And I love the photos. The photos with the music has its own charm, which is not present in an ordinary video.
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