TEST RIDE: 2017 Ski-Doo Renegade X 850

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Mark Lester hosts this week’s Test Ride and takes out a Ski-Doo Renegade X 850 on the trail and outlines his thoughts on the sled.

Take a closer look at the Renegade X 850 right here:



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9 Comments to TEST RIDE: 2017 Ski-Doo Renegade X 850

  1. touringe says:

    I have one and this sled is amazing !!

  2. Why do these reviews come out at the end of the season?

  3. Alex C says:

    the only way you'll get 900 on 1 tank of oil is if you cruise 30-40mph. 400-450 mile/tank is the most i got out of my 850.

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  5. Adam McGee says:

    Where the hell do those ice scratchers go when not in use? I have an 850 renegade with the same scratchers and there are hooks on the tunnel to put them when you're not using them, this sled lacks those hooks. Seems like a half assed install.

  6. twsxc700 says:

    This thing still seems nervous in the video darting all over the place. Maybe it was the conditions but certainly doesn't seem confidence inspiring. "As durable as a four stroke"…well the media proclaimed Hillary was going to win the election and Trump had no chance, and also said there is no proof that Trump Towers were under surveillance. For some reason this seems just as biased and foolish to propagate and in my opinion will be proven to be completely false. The 850 and Gen 4 I'm sure are very good, but this media would have you believe that utopia has been reached like they've done with the intro of every other generation of Rev released.

  7. R & T says:

    The renegade x 850 gen 4 is probably the best one because of all its new features also it's an amazing sled

    With the crazy powerful 850 and the 137 r motion skid p -drive clutch inaugurated heat exchanger and many other things to talk about I think this was the most interesting test ride this year

  8. eden TEKLE says:

    Making it possible for topping up two stroke once a season. LoL

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