Take The King's Pledge to End Distracted Driving in Saskatchewan

These days, life is extremely busy and we are constantly on the go. Work, kid’s activites, friends, and family all take pieces of our attention, and rightfully so. Unfortunately, with today’s technology, and being constantly connected, means we find ourselves multitasking…a lot. Normally, this is ok, EXCEPT, when you’re behind the wheel.

Since we are responsible for putting a lot of vehicles on the road here in Saskatchewan, we feel it is our responsibility to help keep those vehicles there. This is why we have launched The King’s Pledge to End Distracted Driving in Saskatchewan.

For every person who takes the pledge to keep their eyes on the road, their hands on the wheel, and their mind on the drive, the #ORIGINALKingOfTrucks will donate $5 per pledge to anti-distracted driving initiatives and education here in Saskatchewan.

Remaining focused on the task of driving is something we owe to everyone in our lives and everyone we meet while driving. Please watch this short video & like and share this post to help us spread awareness for our mission to help end distracted driving. #eyesontheroad #makeithome

Visit https://www.rosetownmainline.net/the-kings-pledge to make your pledge, today!


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