Polaris 6 Highlights

Polaris 6 Highlights

Highlights from Polaris 6 held at the Indigo O2 arena London 02/17/18.

The matches included Craig Jones, Jake Shields, Benson Henderson, AJ Agazarm, Serena Gabrielli, Gezary Matuda, Marcin Held, Chris Fishgold, Marco Canha, Ash Grimshaw, Ffion Davies, Chelsea Leah and more.

Watch the full event – https://www.ufc.tv/category/polaris



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Tanya Tagaq – “Retribution” (Polaris Testimonials 2017)

Perfume Genius on Tanya Tagaq’s Polaris-nominated album, Retribution.

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La herramienta oculta del mapa de Dota 2: El secreto de los 8k+

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Activa la cuadrícula de navegación y conviértete en un maestro de los jukes. Son sólo dos comandos de la consola que podrían ahorrarte años de práctica en Dota 2, la puedes usar para descubrir lugares, pasadizos, escondites en el mapa y después usarlos en tus rankeds. Polaris Dota como siempre trayendo el mejor contenido a la comunidad latinoamericana de Dota 2.
Música que utilizo en mis videos:
Heroes Within-Pack Música Dota

(Dubstep) Scrux-Being Human


Trailer Music


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Cobra Pull Twine Set up | 2017 Ski-Doo Summit X 850

Cobra Pull Cord Installation | 2017 Ski-Doo Summit X 850

How to install a new Cobra Pull Cord

Song is by BluntedBeatz – “Trying Hard” (all rights go to them)
Thanks to @slattery829



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[Chillstep] Aurora B.Polaris – Euphoria

[Chillstep] Aurora B.Polaris - Euphoria

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• Aurora B.Polaris



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The Way forward for Makery and Mischief (Vlog #11)

The Future of Makery and Mischief  (Vlog #11)

I may be coming to an area near you. This is a channel update i know sounds boring but i put my usual spin on it and talk about whats up for Makery and Mischief . There is a lot going so if you are interested in supporting this channel all you have to do is watch. It wont cost you anything just 3.4 minutes of your time.


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Lake Caribou Snowmobile Tour in Yukon Canada

Find out more about what it’s like to go on a snowmobile tour on frozen Lake Caribou in the Yukon, Canada at https://travel2next.com/yukon-adventures-whitehorse-driving-holiday/

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2018 Polaris & Arctic Cat Sneak Peak

2018 Polaris & Arctic Cat Sneak Peak

For more information on snowmobiles coming out in the 2018 season, click right here:


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We get a snow-mo sneak peak of what is to come from model year 2018, including the Polaris Titan and Arctic Cat’s new C-TEC2 800 Engine as well as Arctic Cat’s ZR200.

Visit Polaris right here for additional info on 2018 models:


2018 Arctic Cat models can be found here:



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850 etec vs turbo viper (prt2/3)

Stock 850 vs turbo viper with clutching off


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