Duterte wants to overhaul the unitary-presidential system and shift to a federal-parliamentary system through a Constitutional Convention. He desires the holding of a plebiscite and preparing the future federal states to effect power-sharing, resources-sharing, respect-for-all and development-for-all as key to reforming the whole bureaucracy to effect good governance. Reforms under the new system are said to include: increasing the salaries of government workers; fighting graft and corruption; and unleashing the full potentials of all regions and ethnic groups for social, economic and cultural growth. Furthermore, constitutional amendment shall lift restrictive economic provisions in the Constitution, grant more foreign ownership of property and certain industries.

The centerpiece of Duterte’s campaign platform was suppressing the three so-called evils: crime, illegal drugs and corruption, which he believes are undermining security across all sectors and hampering the growth of the domestic economy. He pledged to instill discipline with an iron fist for everyone to adhere to the rule of law and strengthen the country’s justice system. To reestablish law and order, he plans to launch a focused, time-bound campaign against criminals, drug lords and corrupt government officials through the joint efforts of the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

He also plans to carry out: improvement of government provision of social services which include education, health, housing, mass transportation with special attention to the elderly, women, children, youth, indigenous peoples and other marginalized sectors; provision of assistance to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and their families; and adaptation to climate change through reducing risk, preparing for natural disasters and adopting 911 nationwide.

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Nautitech Nautitech Catamarans Nautivela Nautors Swan Navalia Navigator Naviko VideOne_x264_118_040

Nautitech Nautitech Catamarans Nautivela Nautors Swan Navalia Navigator Naviko VideOne_x264_118_040

Motiva Motocraft Motomar Motorcat Mulder Müller Hameln Multihull Centre Multimar Ltd. Multimare Murtic Mustang Marine Myabca Najad Najade Nautic Nautic Boercherts Nautic Generation Nautic Plast Nautica Nautica Esposito Nautica Po Nautica San Vincenzo Nauticart Nauticat Nautic Saintonge Nautilus Nautiner Nautiner Nautique Nautitech Nautitech Catamarans Nautivela Nautors Swan Navalia Navigator Navikom Navikom Navitalia Star Navitalia Star Nedship Notika NedYacht Neel Neptun Neptun Rostock Neptune Neptunus Neptunus Yachts neueformen Nidelv Niederländischer Werftbau Niederländischer Werftbau Nimbus Nimbus Nimo Nissen Nitro 80 Noblesse Yachts Noord Nederland Nord Star Nord West Nord. Folkeboot Nordborg Nordhavn Nordia Nordic Nordic Nordic Oceancraft Nordic Tugs Nordisk Nordkapp Nordship Nordson Nordwind NorisBoat Norman Nor Tech North Beach North Wind Northern Marine Northman Northshore Yachts NorthStar Marine NorthStar Marine NorthStar Yachts Northwest Yachts Norverk Marine Notaris Novamarine Novelli Novurania Novurania Numarine Numo Nuova Nuova Jolly Nuova Jolly Nussbaumer Nusser O.L. Boats Ocea Ocean Alexander Ocean Master PL Ocean Master US Ocean Quay Ocean Quay Ocean Yachts Ocean Yachts Ockelbo Ocqueteau Ocqueteau Odin OE Oester Off Course Offshore Yachts Offshore Yachts Ohlsen Ohlson Okiboats OL BOATS Olle Enderlein Olsen Olympia Yacht Olympic Omega Omega One One One Off Design One Off ONJ ONYX Opera Optimist Orion Yachts Orkney Örnvik Orrskär Osprey Ostac Ostrodo OTAM Ott Werft Ott Werft Oudhuijzer Outborn Outremer Overmarine Ovington Boats Oyster Oyster Pacer Yachts Pacific Pacific Pacific Craft Palamos Palme Marin Palmer Johnson Panther Craft Paragon Parca Marine Parente Parisi Parker Patagonia Patrone Pearl Pearson Pedrazzini Pedro Pegiva PEHN Pelican Pelle Peterson Pendennis Performance Performance Performance Sailcraft Peri Yachts Périsset Permare Perrisset Pershing Petter Petterson Petticrows Pfeil Philippou s.o.s. Phönix Piantoni IT Picchiotti Picchiotti Picton Piculjan Marine Pieter Beeldsnijder Pikmeerkruiser Pioner Pirat PIRELLI Tecnorib PIRELLI PZERNO Pischel Pius Pius Piviere Plasto Platinum Playamar Playvisa Poca Pogo Polar Polar Boats Polaris Polaris Pol Yacht Polyform Poncin Portier Portofino Marine Poseidon Posillipo Pouvreau Powless PR Marine Precision Precision Boats Premier President Prestige Prestige Yachts Prima Yachts Prima Yachts Primatist Primeur Princess Princess Prins van Oranje Prinz Privateer Privilege Privilège Yachts Pro Nautik Proficiat Pro Line ProMarine ProMarine Prosperi Gandria Proteus Yachts Prout Puffin Yachts PUMA Pursuit QErre Queens Yachts Quicksilver Quicksilver Quorning Raa Lyneas Raffaeli Raffaelli Rainbow Rambeck Rampage Rancraft Rand Boats Ranger Ranieri Ranieri International Ranieri International Rapp Rapsody Raptor Rascala Rawell Reederei Saar Regal Regina af Vindö Rego Watersport Regulator Reinell Reinke ReLine Remus Renken Rethana Revenger Rhapsody Rhea Marine Rhebergen Riamar Rias Rib Ribeye Richardsons Ridas Rigiflex Rimar Rinker Rio Rio Iberica Riomar Rittmann Riva Rival Yachts River Riviera Rizzardi RM Yachts Robalo Roberts Robertson & Caine Rockharbour Rodman Rodman Rodriguez Group Italyachts Roga Rogger Rogger Rohde Rohn Roland Rommel Ronautica Yachts Rönnö Rose Island Rossiter Roughneck Roy Royal Denship Royal Huisman Royal Huisman Royal System RPD Rubin Rustler Rydgeway Ryds Ryssö S2 Saare Paat Saare Paat Sabre Sabre SACS SACS Sadler Saffier Safir Saga Sagemar Sailart Sailfish Salmeri Boote Salona Salpa Samba San Lorenzo San Remo Sandafjord Sandviks Sangermani SanRemo Santarelli Saphir Saphire Sarins Sarnico Sasanka Sasga Yachts SAS Vektor SAS Vektor Saver SBM SBPEM Scand Scandica Scandinavia Scandinavia Scanmar Scanner Scanner Scanner Scarab Scarani Schaaf Boote Schaefer Schärenkreuzer Scheepswerf de Klop Scheepswerf Th. Kok BV Schless Schleswiger Werkstätten Schlichting Schlosswerft Schmidt Schmilgeit Schneiter Schöchl Schokker Scholtz Schönbächler Schottel Schuchter Schwarz Schwarz Schweizer Schweizer Bateaux Sciallino Se.Ri.Gi. Sea Angler Sea Cube Sea Force IX Sea Fox Sea Hawk Sea Pro Sea Ray Sea Star Seaco Seacode Sea Doo Seafinn Seahorse Seahorse Sealander Sealine Seamaster Searex Seascape Seastream Seastream Seaswirl Seaway Seaway Seaway Group Skagen Seawings Segelkutter Seilflechter Selco Selection Boats Selene Selje Brucke Selva Selva Sensation Sergio Cellano Serious Yachts Servain Sessa Sessa Seven Marine Shearwater Shearwater Shetland Shipman Shiren Siemer Sigma Sigma Yachts Sillinger Siltala Siltala Silver Silver Eagle Silverline Silverton simppu Sinergia Sinergia Sirena Sirena Sirena Marine Sirena Yachts Sirena Yachts Sirius Sirocco SK2 Sailing Skagen Skagerrak Skibsplast Skilso Skilsö Skipper Skippi Yachts Slickcraft Slotta Yachts Sly Smartboat Smartliner Smelne Smelne SMG Smits Jachtbouw Sogica Solare Solaris Solcio Solemar Solemar Soling Sollux Solvigg Sommerfeld Sonic Sonstige Sossego


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First Cruise With Boogaboo! Sea Ray Sundancer – Long Version

Here’s the long version video I took while taking Boogaboo across Lake Simcoe for the first cruise! We had the boat booked in for a complete canvas replacement and this was the day to take it to Canadian Yacht Tops to have the work done.

As the place is located roughly 27 miles away by water, this was a great opportunity to give her a good run for a decent distance. Happy to say that the trip went without incident and the boat performed flawlessly.

This video will also give you an idea of how I drive/steer by just using the shifters. I’ll be posting a more descriptive overview on that subject soon, so please keep an eye on my channel for it – and much more.

For more info on the canvas company, please visit Canadian Yacht Tops at

Filmed May, 2017

Location: 44.25816 -79.53953 (Canadian Yacht Tops)

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Look for our other DVD productions including travels through Florida & more. Please keep up to date at for latest information!

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SERENITAS II 32 m beneath constrution Motor Yacht For Sale

SERENITAS II 32 m under constrution Motor Yacht For Sale

For more info Contact:
Yacht Marine Ltd
Eliad Hagiladi
The Story of SERENITAS II 32 m displacement.
Steel Hull & Aluminum super-structure 5 cabins.
Hull # 1 which was sold in 2016
Hull # 2 which is under construction and excepted to be launched in June 2017 and to presented at Cannes Yacht Show in September 2017.
Interior designed by Guido de Groot from Holland (See below his words about the project) Construction is under the management of Yacht Marine Naval architecture and hull design by Jaron Ginton – Ginton Naval Architects (Holland) SERENITAS is RINA classed. Construction of the 32 meter displacement hull motor yacht is well underway at the Turkish shipyard Mengi Yay in Istanbul under the supervision of Yacht Marine management. Completion of hull # 2 expected for season 2017

Words From Guido de Groot Holland – Interior designer
“It’s life Jim, but not as we know it”

Every now and then as a studio we are able to take on a project that is quite unconventional. It is one of the aspects of our job that makes it so interesting. Serenitas is one such project.
Serenitas interior is a real departure for the Guido de Groot design office in terms of her design language, but the studio was happy to boldly go where they had not been before…

Describing her interior poses a little challenge. Guido admits that the studio sought inspiration from the interiors of the very first series of Star Trek, a popular science fiction TV program of the 1970’s.
“We took a close look at the interior of the original Enterprise space ship, and looked at re-creating some of the retro-futuristic elements. ” The result is an interior that is has modern soft shapes for the furniture with the purpose of making an interior that is friendly in nature. “We also selected light coloured marbles in blue and white to give a fresh and calm feeling, combined with grey and blue leathers and white lacquer finishes.”

The use of the light colors gives the impression that the interior space is much larger than it actually already is. The main salon has a dining table placed on a marble floor that will light up from underneath. The dining table can extend to sit up to 10 people
The interior layout for the master cabin and guest cabins can be described as very spacious. The full beam master cabin has a separate office. The very large and impressive master bathroom is only separated by 2 large sliding doors from the bedroom itself. With the sliding doors open this makes the master cabin even look bigger as it already is. Also for the 2 VIP cabins the bathroom sink area can become part of the cabin by leaving the sliding doors open.

The 32m motor yacht is currently being built in Turkey at the Mengi Yay shipyard under the supervision of Yacht marine. She is to be delivered to her owners later this year.

Words From GINTON Naval Architect Serenitas II Hull designer Ginton Ultra-Modern design

The vertical bow resulting in a very long water line which together with the “short bulb” reduces resistance and fuel consumption tremendously. The result is astonishing 100 L/h fuel consumption at 11knots while running two engines and one generator.
The combination of wide beam on water line, steel hull, aluminum superstructure, pronounced bilge keels, and Matn’s stabilizers creating in a very comfortable and stable hull at sea and at anchor.
The hull plating and framing were built strongly exceeding the required by RINA classification resulting a hull that resembles a ship rather than a yacht.


The best Boat videos – SERENITAS II 32 m under constrution Motor Yacht For Sale #Buy the #best #Boats

[ENG] FERRETTI Custom Line NAVETTA 37 – Luxury Yacht Review – The Boat Show

Navetta 37 is a yacht of 37 meters produced by Custom Line, part of the Ferretti Group. She is not only luxurious and beautiful. There is so much technology to navigate in the best way, to reduce the fuel consumption, to stabilize the hull, to minimize vibration and noise, to easily launch the tender, to form a wonderful private beach area on the sea.

Jump on board the boat of your dreams with The Boat Show!
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The best Boat videos – [ENG] FERRETTI Custom Line NAVETTA 37 – Luxury Yacht Review – The Boat Show #Buy the #best #Boats




Why invest in is the first financial video platform where you can easily search through thousands of videos describing global securities.
About The Video:
We believe that complex financial data could become more approachable using friendly motion-graphic representation combined with an accurate selection of financial data. To guarantee the most effective information prospective we drew inspiration from Benjamin Graham’s book: “The Intelligent Investor”, a pillar of financial philosophy.

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Investors should consider the content of this video in conjunction with investment reports, financial statements and other disclosures regarding the valuations and performance of the specific companies discussed herein.

DO NOT RELY ON ANY OPINIONS, PREDICTIONS OR FORWARD-LOOKING STATEMENTS CONTAINED HEREIN. Certain of the information contained in this video constitutes “forward-looking statements” that are inherently unreliable and actual events or results may differ materially from those reflected or contemplated herein. None of Whyinvestin or any of its representatives makes any assurance as to the accuracy of those predictions or forward-looking statements. Whyinvestin expressly disclaims any obligation or undertaking to update or revise any such forward-looking statements.

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I Bought A 24ft Sailboat To Live On

This video introduces the “Cool Change” my 1960 Islander 24 sailboat that I will live on and eventually sail the Caribbean. Im very excited for this new life adventure and will be doing my best to document the entire experience.

S/V Cool Change

Im ColeB and I hope this video interested you in some way.

Instagram: Colelbrian


The best Boat videos – I Bought A 24ft Sailboat To Live On #Buy the #best #Boats