2007 skidoo xrs 600 Taking part in within the Snow

2007 skidoo xrs 600 Playing in the Snow

2007 Skidoo MXZ XRS 600 playing around in the snow.
Snow conditions weren’t the best that day
Camera: GoPro Hero 3
Location: Canterbury, NewBrunswick, Canada
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Ski Doo Renegade X 850 E TEC 2017 – Bilan de fin de saison

Ski Doo Renegade X 850 E TEC 2017 - Bilan de fin de saison

Denis Lavoie, chroniqueur pour le Magazine web Motoneiges.ca, vous présente son bilan final dans le cadre de l’essai long terme du Ski-Doo Renegade X 850 E-TEC 2017.

Cet essai a été réalisé en partenariat avec le fabricant Ski-Doo.

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Polaris Vs. Can-Am 2017

Polaris Vs. Can-Am 2017

Darren takes a head to head look at the Polaris General 4 1000 and the Can-Am XT 1000. These machines are almost identical. We show you both and you can decide what you like best.

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2018 Polaris 600 Switchback XCR Evaluate

2018 Polaris 600 Switchback XCR Review

Read our full review article here – http://www.snowmobile.com/manufacturers/2018-polaris-600-switchback-xcr-review-video

The 2018 Polaris 600 Switchback XCR, officially, at least, according to Polaris marketing-speak is designed “… for extreme performance riders that need to dominate tough terrain at high speeds.” It’s also spec’d with race-ready components such as heavy-duty, reinforced rail beams and the same side-vented racing brake seen on the 2017 Rush XCR.

As veteran riders with decades of experience, but with an appreciation for the fact that most of the ride-review sleds presented at the annual test session are either limited pilot build or straight out prototypes worth many times their ultimate in-season retail price, we tend to take it easier than the factory riders. Fortunately for us, Polaris assigned riders to travel with us for photo purposes and to answer questions that might arise as we rode their models. These guys didn’t baby their mounts and showed us in no uncertain terms the XCR’s capabilities, which are impressive.


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800 etec vs 850 etec

Stock 850 etec takes out bolt on 800 etec


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january 2017 sled edit Pro rmk axys ,pro ride 800 ,summit 850 ,m800

Sled edit of this winter polaris axys pro rmk 800 ,rmk 800 ,summit 850 ,m800 ,assault 800 thanks for watching like and subscribe my channel and Hardsled Qc ‘s channel !


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MBRP Ski-doo 850

MBRP Ski-doo 850

MBRP Brand Ambassador Jake Allen

Trail exhaust shown here, enhanced note from idle through mid range – aggressive tone at high RPM / wide open throttle. ** Meets 86 DB at 4000 RPM.


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