Coyote vs Snowmobile (Yamaha Sidewinder Turbo, Yamaha Apex)

Coyote vs Snowmobile (Yamaha Sidewinder Turbo, Yamaha Apex)

First rip on the Yamaha Apex and Yamaha Sidewinder Turbo this year. Ran into a Coyote that just didn’t want to share the trail. Thanks for watching and be sure to check back.

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Snowmobile Fails and Wins #16 || Too Many Backflips Gone Wrong


Snowmobile Fails #16 || Too many backflips gone wrong

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AXYS Switchback Assault: On Trail Cornering – Polaris Snowmobiles

See what competitive owners have to say about the 2018 Switchback Assault.


Polaris Snowmobiles are about one thing. Terrain Domination.

Our sleds are engineered to be the best. With a no-compromise blend of durability, balance, power and suspension, we build sleds that perform to the highest level. Our engineers look at every facet of terrain, and spend time out there to get it right.

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buy the best snowmobiles in canada – AXYS Switchback Assault: On Trail Cornering – Polaris Snowmobiles #Snowmobiles #Canada #buy

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2018 Polaris RMK Commercial

The lightest, strongest, most flickable sled on the market – the Polaris PRO-RMK® on the AXYS® Chassis.


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Blazars – Polaris [NCS Release]

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Yamaha YXZ vs Polaris RZR | Head-to-Head

Yamaha YXZ vs Polaris RZR | Head-to-Head

The Yamaha YXZ1000R has redefined the entire sport Side-by-Side category offering the industry first 3-cylinder, 12-valvle, DOHC, Liquid-cooled, 998cc engine paired to a sequential 5-speed manual or Sport Shift transmission. Watch the YXZ1000R and YXZ1000R SS go head-to-head with the RZR XP1000 in our sport Side-by-Side video comparison series YXZ vs RZR.
YXZ1000R (manual shift):
YXZ1000R SE (Special Edition):
YXZ1000R SS (Sport Shift):


buy the best snowmobiles in canada – Yamaha YXZ vs Polaris RZR | Head-to-Head #Snowmobiles #Canada #buy

Snowmobile Path Driving In Ontario Season four Episode 7 Half 1 “The place Are We”

Snowmobile Trail Riding In Ontario Season 4 Episode 7 Part 1 "Where Are We"

Episode 7 Part 1. After heading North at the end of the rail bed, the trail marking were poor and we couldn’t determine exactly where we were.


buy the best snowmobiles in canada – Snowmobile Trail Riding In Ontario Season 4 Episode 7 Part 1 “Where Are We” #Snowmobiles #Canada #buy

Yamaha Rs Vector – 2007


buy the best snowmobiles in canada – Yamaha Rs Vector – 2007 #Snowmobiles #Canada #buy