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Los Angeles Pedestrian Accident Lawyer- Cohen & Marzban, Law Corporation- 800-999-4878 Los Angeles Pedestrian Accident Lawyer The death rate of victims in pedestrian injuries is second only to occupant deaths in vehicle accidents. And while everyone knows how to cross a street safely, not all drivers are aware of people crossing, regardless of whether or not they are crossing at a crosswalk. If you or a loved one has been involved in a pedestrian accident, you need to contact one of the experts at Cohen & Marzban Law Corporation. We can help you get the award you need to coverRead More

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Modesto Personal Injury Attorney | Car Accident 209-233-3199

Best Modesto Personal Injury Attorney | Car Accident Lawyer 209-233-3199 Welcome to CDM law the best Modesto personal injury attorney’s practicing in the central valley. If you have been injured and are looking for a quality Modesto Lawyer then look no further. We here at CDM law will make sure you are on the correct road to winning your case and if you have a question pick up the phone and feel free to ask us. At CDM law we are more than just your average Modesto car accidentRead More

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Chicago Motorcycle Accident Lawyer | 708-222-2222 | Motorcycle Accident Attorney Chicago IL

Chicago Motorcycle Accident Lawyer | 708-222-2222 | Motorcycle Accident Attorney Chicago IL The car insurance company won’t return my calls. Get Glen! Don’t get burned by the motorcycle insurance company… Get Glen. I can’t afford to pay my motorcycle accident medical bills. Get Glen! Get your settlement… Get Glen. Glen Lerner is the Chicago lawyer for you. Chicago Motorcycle Accident Lawyer | 708-222-2222 | Motorcycle Accident Attorney Chicago IL Chicago Motorcycle Accident Lawyer – Chicago Personal Injury Law Firm Were you injured by another person or business as aRead More

How Your Doctor’s Recommendation of Surgery Can Impact Your Work Injury Claim

Your doctor’s recommendation of surgery marks a turning point in your Georgia workers’ compensation case. Your employer and their insurance company put a great deal of pressure on posted panel doctors not to order a surgery – besides the cost of an operation, there are many other possible costs associated with a surgery – complications, infections, poor results, and long rehabilitation are just a few. Insurance companies do not like unknowns so many times, the insurance company in your case may be open to a reasonable settlement before you undergoRead More

Solo Vehicle Fatal Crash / Moreno Valley *parts graphic* RAW FOOTAGE MORENO VALLEY – Riverside CHP, Riverside County Fire and AMR responded to a solo vehicle traffic accident on the 60 freeway East, just West of Gilman Springs Rd. in Moreno Valley. Per CHP Sgt. Ron Warrior, at approximately 12:05am a white 2001 pick up truck was traveling East on highway 60 when for unknown reasons the vehicle left the roadway, traveled down the embankment on the right shoulder, crashing through a sign and a perimeter fence before coming to rest at the bottom of the embankment. According to Sgt.Read More

What is a Spinal Cord Injury?

Spinal cord injury (SCI) is a life-changing event. Aside from acute pain and suffering resulting from the accident, spinal cord injuries require enormous amounts … source #cars #trucks #lawyers #accidentlawyer #caraccidents #truckaccidents #accidentattorney #vehicleAccidents

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