Raymond launches manufacturing plant at Amravati

Raymond launches manufacturing plant at Amravati

Raymond has launched linen manufacturing plant at Amravati. Its Raymond’s first ever Rs 250 crore linen plant. Watch video for more.

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How to start Hawai chappal Manufacturing business, (By navjyoti dunia)

How to start Hawai chappal Manufacturing business, (By navjyoti dunia)

(By navjyoti dunia)

All types sleepers :- http://amzn.to/2Ai9eys (Affiliate)

कम पैसे में शुरू करे चप्पल बनाने का बिज़नेस कमाये 50,000 महीना ।दोस्तों मैंने इस वीडियो में Sleeper(चप्पल ) मेकिंग उद्योग के बारे में डिटेल से बताया है अगर आप कम इन्वेस्ट कर के छोटा उद्योग खोलना चाहते है तो ये बिडियों आपके लिए काम कि हो सकती है इसलिए इस बिडियों को आप पुरा जरुर देखें।
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How to Buy a Velomobile? – Top 15 Velomobile Models

How to Buy a Velomobile? - Top 15 Velomobile Models

Check the comments for more info. I also update this text description when I find new info.
☟☟ — All links here! Including few US Dealers! — ☟☟

If you are going to buy a new velomobile, this is the time of year when you should do it to get it before the next summer. Because with most models, the delivery time is at least three months. I decided to make this list of 15 awesome velomobile models you can buy today with usefull links to different velomobile models and some velomobile dealers around the world. I also list few forums and other places where you can find second hand velomobiles.



-Quest: http://en.velomobiel.nl/quest/
-Quest XS: http://en.velomobiel.nl/questxs/
-Strada: http://en.velomobiel.nl/strada/
-Quatrovelo: http://en.velomobiel.nl/quattrovelo/
-Sunrider: http://sunrider-cycles.nl/en/
-Arcus Velomobile: http://www.arcusvelomobile.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/arcusvelomobile/
-Mulsanne: https://cyclesjv.com/en/
-DF: https://www.intercitybike.nl/en/
-Mango: http://www.sinnerbikes.com/en/models/mango/mango-plus/
-Hilgo: http://www.sinnerbikes.com/en/models/hilgo/
-Orca: http://flevobike.nl/Orca/orca.html
-Milan: http://velomobil.eu/range-of-models/raederwerk/
-WAW: http://www.katanga.eu/
-Cab-Bike Hawk: http://cabbike.pl/cab-bike-hawk/
-Rotovelo: http://trisled.com.au/hpv/rotovelo-2/
-Alleweder: http://www.alligt.nl/bodies/alleweder-a4.htm

Not mentioned in the video:

-Leitra: http://leitra.dk/
-Go-One: http://www.go-one.de
-Leiba: http://www.leiba.de/



-Velomobilize: http://www.velomobilize.at/
-Fahrrad Pur: http://www.fahrradpur.com/


-Fietser.be: http://www.fietser.be/
-EMVelomobiel.be: http://emvelomobiel.be/


Velomobiles.ca: http://velomobiles.ca

Czech Republic

-Katanga: http://www.katanga.eu/


-Velomobilcenter: http://www.velomobilcenter.dk/


-Cycles JV-Fenioux: https://cyclesjv.com/en/
-Roulcouche: http://www.roulcouche.com/


-Flevelo: http://www.flevelo.com/
-Räderwerk: http://velomobil.eu/
-Velomobiles.de: http://www.velomobiles.de/


-Slyway Projects Srl: http://www.slywayprojects.com
-Eretic: http://www.eretic.it/


-ACE Ligfietsen: http://ace-shop.com
-Alligt: http://www.alligt.nl/
-Drymer: https://www.drymershop.nl
-Elan: http://elan.cc/
-Intercitybike: https://www.intercitybike.nl/
-Velomobiel.nl: http://en.velomobiel.nl/


-Velomobil Media: http://www.velomobil.no/


-3ike Recumbents: https://www.3ike.es/
-Okocicle Recumbent Bikeshop: http://www.okocicle.com/


-Birkenstock Bicycles: http://speedbikes.ch/en


-Utah Trikes: http://www.utahtrikes.com
-Velomobile USA: http://pedalyourselfhealthy.org
-Go-One USA: http://www.go-one.us/

Forums etc.
To find other velonauts & 2nd hand velomobiles. In random order:

-Nojapyöräfoorumi: http://nojapyorafoorumi.fi
-Ligfiets.net: http://www.ligfiets.net
-Bentrider Online: http://www.bentrideronline.com/messageboard/index.php
-The British Human Power Club: http://www.bhpc.org.uk/home.aspx
-HPV Sweden: http://lists.lysator.liu.se/mailman/listinfo/hpvs
-Recumbents.com: http://www.recumbents.com/
-Velorizontal: http://velorizontal.bbfr.net/forum
-Velomobilforum: https://www.velomobilforum.de/
-Ligfietsers.be: http://www.gentseliggers.net/forum/
-Velomobile group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/115024628543289/
-Granabike: http://www.granabike.com/foro/25-bicicletas-reclinadas/53767-velomobiles.html

Same list in my blog: http://www.saukki.com/2017/12/kuinka-ostetaan-velomobiili-how-to-buy-a-velomobile/

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My blog: http://www.saukki.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/saukkico
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/saukkico/

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Trump sells tax plan as boost to manufacturing

Snap-on chairman and CEO Nicholas Pinchuk discusses how Trump’s tax plan could increase the availability of manufacturing jobs in the U.S.


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2000 Pleasure Way TD Excel Camper Van, 15 MPG, Generator, King Bed, $19,900

This is the nicest and newest condition Class B Camper Van I have ever had in this price range !! This is also a very rare King bed (or two twins ) model . This 2000 Pleasure Way Excel is built on the 3500 Dodge Chassis with the bulletproof 5.9 liter , 360 cubic inch Magnum V-8 and gets great fuel mileage (est.around 15 MPG) . This is one of the most fuel efficient motor home you can buy !! Only 20 ft. ft. long Very easy to drive and park and if you can drive a SUV or Pickup truck then you can drive and park this motor home without any problem ! People that own this type of motor home dont use them for driveway queens they use them to enjoy and because they are so easy to use and drive they get a lot more miles put on them compared to a Class A or C . If the odometer was covered u and you looked at this Van and drove it you would swear it had less than 50K miles but it does have 186,000 well maintained miles on it and we just drove it over 1200 miles here without a problem and we would not hesitate to drive it cross country just like it sis right now. . This motor home has more power for getting out in today’s modern interstates , climbing mountains then any Toyota motor home and gets close to the same fuel mileage too ! This also has the Onan 2.8 RV generator that runs great with only 106 hours This Van is ready to take camping anywhere in the country right off the lot . Will sell very fast so call us today (these Class B’s are so rare and sought after that we normally sell them within 24-48 hours of posting online) ! Camper vans are about impossible to find used in this price range in this condition with a generator . Check ebay, RV trader and google . There is nothing this nice and clean with a generator for under $25,000 .

Please call us about financing on this model .

The interior looks great . No smoke or pet odors and after purchase our RV techs will perform a major system check on this little van , for a list of what we check and repair if needed for the price you pay and for current lead time on a Class B checkout please contact our sales department . The front cab has ice cold dash air that will cool the entire RV so no need to run the generator and roof air while driving , power windows, power locks, power mirrors, and tilt / cruise Behind the cab is a side kitchen with 3-way RV refrigerator, Sink, LP stovetop and Microwave . Very unique side bathroom with hot shower built in . Twin Rear sofas makes
King size bed or 2 Twins , ice cold roof air, dsi furnace ,dsi water heater, and more ! This has everything a big motor home has but in a small package . Sleeps 2 , the ultimate couples RV !!

Only $19,900 Haggle Free (Includes inspection, walk thru / demo , starter kit, temp tag and more , Discount will only be given if buyer declines those services and buys Van as it sits and will trade . We offer discount nationwide delivery (we have sold RV’s to all 50 states, Canada, Europe, and even Australia so you are never too far away for us to save you money on a pre-owned RV) . We have some great financing with approved credit and down payment . Parkway RV Center also does not charge any doc fee, no prep fee, no tag / title fee, etc. Don’t fall for the big RV dealer fee scam. All those Fee’s are 100 % dealer profit ! Call us today at (706) 965-7929 or (423) 605-6747 with questions . Will sell within a day or two !!

Visit our website WWW.Parkwayrvcenter.com for other great deals on over 170+ used RVs (more added every day)

Important Information About Our Online Inventory :
We have made every effort to ensure accuracy in the information provided. Specifications, equipment, technical data, photographs, video, and illustrations are based on information available at time of posting and are subject to change without notice. To receive or verify current product information, please contact the dealership All units are subject to prior sale and just because it is posted for sale online does not guarantee it is in stock or available for purchase. It is the buyers responsibility to contact dealership to verify equipment, condition, year model, options, availability and make appointment before coming to look at RV in person or purchasing unit . Parkway RV Center Inc. is not responsible for typographical errors in price ,or errors in description, of year model, of condition, of a vehicle’s listed equipment, accessories, price or warranties. Any and all differences must be addressed prior to the sale of this vehicle. The decision to sell an RV regardless of price or any other factor is solely determined by Parkway RV Center Inc.


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2018 Forest River Berkshire XL 40BH Class A Motorhome RV For Sale Motorhomes 2 Go

2018 Forest River Berkshire XL 40BH Class A Motorhome RV For Sale Motorhomes 2 Go

Shop 2018 Berkshire XL 40BH today! Check out this model and others at https://mhs2go.com/berkshire-xl-rv/berkshire-xl-40bh-380/?pr=true or call Motorhomes 2 Go at 616-871-2504!

A travel experience like no other is around every turn with a 2018 Berkshire XL 40BH. Find yours today at Motorhomes 2 Go!

This is the bunkhouse model of the Berkshire XL line of Class A Motorhomes, based on a Freightliner XCR raised rail, single-rear-axle chassis with a turbodiesel engine, Allison 6-speed pushbutton transmission, and polished aluminum wheels. These come with a striking graphics package, 10,000 lb. trailer hitch, 4 slide outs, a heavy-duty Neway suspension, and fiberglass front and rear caps.

Underneath are several large cargo compartments with interior lighting, side-opening lockable doors and electric sliding trays. On the outside a Samsung TV is mounted on a swivel arm, and there are Carefree awnings for the door, patio and slide outs.

Inside is a spacious living area with Villa love seat plus dream booth dinette and sofa ensemble, all with Hide-A-Beds and storage elements. Standard equipment includes day/night shades, multiple USB charging ports, and carpeted living room and dining slide-outs. There is a 32” TV mounted in front behind the cockpit, and a 40” TV on sliding brackets with entertainment center and fireplace across from the kitchen.

Throughout there is porcelain floor tiling, recessed lighting and glazed hardwood cabinetry with raised panel doors, hidden hinges and pull style cabinet hardware. The kitchen area features polished solid surface kitchen countertops and backsplash with tile inserts, soft close ball bearing drawer guides, flush-mount electric glass induction cook top, and residential French door fridge with icemaker.

Behind the kitchen is the master bathroom with mirrored medicine cabinets, foot flush china bowl toilet, tile backsplash accent, one piece fiberglass shower with glass door and skylight, and power ceiling fan. Opposite is the bunkhouse area with bi-fold doors, privacy curtains and 20″ LED TV in each bunk.

The roomy rear master bedroom houses a Serta queen bed with bedspread and decorative pillows, hardwood headboard, and a ceiling fan. Extra touches include padded carpeting, night stands, a wardrobe with mirrored doors, and a stacked washer and dryer.

Go online and shop the amazing motorhome selection at MHS2Go.com! Have questions or want to talk directly with a friendly, knowledgeable sales person? Call us at 616-871-2504. With our unbeatable prices, you’ll save thousands!


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2018 Winnebago Winnie Drop 170K RV Review | Travel Trailer | Platinum & Mineral | Ian Baker

Join Camping World Product Specialist, Ian Baker, as he reviews all the features and amenities this unit has to offer. Please comment with any questions or feedback you may have, or visit the link below to see pricing and availability on this model and over 20,000 RVs nationwide! Like the video? Subscribe to our channel for the latest in all things RV.



buy motorhomes in Canada – 2018 Winnebago Winnie Drop 170K RV Review | Travel Trailer | Platinum & Mineral | Ian Baker #motorhomes #Rvs #Canada #buy

Drift Mafioso – Cadillac Fleetwood

Partiu fazer drift nesse lindo jogo chamado Mafia II, era um jogo que eu não dava nada por ele, até jogar e me surpreender com a dirigibilidade dele, é incrível como eles acertaram nessa jogabilidade, nem o Mafia III Ficou tão bom assim!

Inscreva-se no canal do SKC:
Inscreva-se no canal do ZoiooGamer: https://www.youtube.com/user/Zoioogamer
Inscreva-se no canal do Dooug: https://www.youtube.com/c/OhShitTv
Baixe mods para o LFS em: http://lucas-mods.blogspot.com.br/
?Caso você tenha interesse em me patrocinar e divulgar sua marca, entre em contato através do email: mrgetawaydriver@gmail.com
?Skype: GetawayGameplays
?Snapchat: GetawayDriverTv
?Curta a Página do Canal: https://www.facebook.com/CanalGetawayDriver/
Confira os adesivos oficiais do canal:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gama.adesivos?fref=ts


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Nest Caravan the fiberglass travel trailer by Airstream

Nest Caravan the fiberglass travel trailer by Airstream

Nest is a product that conveys sophistication, simplicity, and upscale modernity, so it made sense for us to partner and help bring this design to market.”


buy motorhomes in Canada – Nest Caravan the fiberglass travel trailer by Airstream #motorhomes #Rvs #Canada #buy

2017 Winnebago Minnie Winnie 22R Review

Big Value in a small package, large U-Shaped dinette, corner bed and more…..


buy motorhomes in Canada – 2017 Winnebago Minnie Winnie 22R Review #motorhomes #Rvs #Canada #buy