1971 Chevrolet Pickup, Gateway Classic Cars Nashville#680

For sale in our Nashville showroom is a red hot 1971 Chevrolet C10 Pickup for sale. This Chevrolet Stepside for sale is one that will draw eyes from miles away, people will snap their necks to get a better look this beautiful restoration. Powering this 1971 Chevrolet Stepside Pickup for sale is a General Motors 350CID V8, this is the go to engine for almost every hotrod because they are stout, durable and dependable. Backing this powerplant is a smooth shifting Turbo400 3 speed automatic transmission, this 3-speed will give you the cruising feel when needed or the rocket ship feel if you press the fun pedal to hard. The exterior of this 1971 Chevrolet Stepside Pickup for sale has a deep fire red paint scheme that will make your eyes explode, paint so polished that you would think you could stick your finger in it! When you look in the bed of this build you will notice all new wood that you would think it’s a dinning room table. This all is paired with a perfectly matched in my opinion interior, with an entire new gauge cluster that has that sexy black cap or dash pad depending on where you are, makes for a simple but very well-designed interior. That is not even getting to all the good stuff, as you crawl into the captain’s chair you will resting your bottom on a soft and plush leather bucket seat that runs with the theme of the truck. As a passenger riding in this 1971 Chevrolet Stepside Pickup for sale you can enjoy all the comfort that the driver has, dual bucket seats and a jamming am/fm cassette player. This 1971 Chevrolet Stepside Pickup for sale has had a renovated suspension system put on it, including new shocks in the rear and independent suspension in the front. This all looks great because if you are looking under this 1971 Chevrolet Stepside Pickup for sale you will see the Long Tube headers popping down from the engine bay to a dual pair of new pipes that run all the way out the back. Options on this 1971 Chevrolet Stepside Pickup for sale include: Am/Fm/Cassette player, Power Steering and Power brakes, tilt wheel that is capped with a Grant steering wheel, Seatbelts to hold you in your dual bucket seats and Radial performance tires that are wrapped around custom chrome aluminum allow wheels. For more information please feel free to call the Nashville showroom at 615-213-1800 or visit us on the web at nashville#@gatewayclassiccars.com


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2018 Volkswagen Tiguan Review

The Volkswagen Tiguan is completely new for 2018, and the folks at Volkswagen were kind enough to give one to Marc to test; what did he think? Check out the video and find out!

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For Sale on Ebay bid now!! 1977 Chevy C10 short wide pickup

1977 Chevy C10 Short wide pickup

thanks for looking!


The best car and truck videos- For Sale on Ebay bid now!! 1977 Chevy C10 short wide pickup #Buy #cars #trucks #videos

DTM Spielberg 2017 – Lucas Auer (Mercedes-AMG C63 DTM) – RE-LIVE Onboard (Race 2)

Watch race 1 in Spielberg from the perspective of Lucas Auer (Mercedes-AMG C63 DTM).

Onboard Mattias Ekström: https://youtu.be/C7c3P66n95A
Onboard Marco Wittmann: https://youtu.be/NS02I3AqGmQ

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BMW M3 Tarihi | E30’dan F80’e

Bu videomuzda BMW’nin en başırılı spor otomobili M3 serisinin tarihini anlattık. E30 E36 E46 E92 ve F82 kasa M3’lerin özelliklerini sizlerle paylaştık.

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Ford and Virginia Tech Test Human to Autonomous Vehicle Interaction

* Ford and Virginia Tech Transportation Institute are testing a Ford-designed method for self-driving vehicles to communicate their intent to pedestrians, human drivers and bicyclists in an effort to create a standard visual language people can easily understand
* Study simulates a self-driving vehicle using a “seat suit” to conceal the human driver to explore pedestrian reaction to external lighting signals that indicate when the vehicle is driving, yielding or accelerating from a stop
* Developing a way for self-driving vehicles to communicate is essential since cues like hand waves or head nods between human drivers and pedestrians will not necessarily factor in to autonomous driving scenarios


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2018 Ford Expedition – Hands on Review!

The 2018 Expedition is here! This redesign is a game changer for the Ford SUV and the competition better watch out. This is the first time the Expedition has had a complete overhaul in 21 years. It is now 300 lbs lighter, more powerful, more capable, and better looking than ever! What do you think?


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Changing Defective Ford F350 Truck Ignition Lock Cylinder

Over the last year or so the ignition lock on our 1994 Ford F350 Truck has slowly begun to act up. Rather than turning smoothly it often sticks and requires a bit of jiggling so we can start the vehicle. Also annoying, many times even though the key is removed the “key left in ignition chime” sounds off. We have to reinsert the key and play around with it to get the chime off.

At first, I thought it must be a worn out key. However, all our keys do it even an almost brand new one. After a little googling I discovered the likely culprit is the lock cylinder. The internal tumblers and mechanical bits are wearing out. If not replaced soon we’ll end up stranded somewhere.

Replacing Ignition Lock Cylinder 1994 F350

Thankfully a replacement ignition lock cylinder for our oldie but a goodie Ford truck wasn’t hard to find and relatively inexpensive. After reading my vehicles repair manual, I was pleased to discover extensive disassembly of the steering column wasn’t required. There is a small release pin that when depressed releases the whole cylinder to easily slide right out. The release pin is accessed through a small hole under the steering column using a thin screwdriver.

First, you disconnect the truck’s batteries, next place the key in the run position and remove the old lock cylinder. The new lock cylinder comes ready to slide right in. That’s it! The ignition is back operating like new. The only difference is I now have two keys. One to open the doors and another to start the car. There are also kits to swap all the locks out so you can have a single key, but for me, two keys aren’t a big deal.

New Ford lock cylinders on Amazon – http://amzn.to/2vsAnyH (Note: affiliate link)

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1958 Chevrolet Pickup For Sale

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To see over 100 pictures of this car visit http://inventory.vanguardmotorsales.com/vehicles/2665/1958-chevrolet-pickup

1958 Chevrolet Pickup

Vin: 242678P255495

This is an amazing 1958 Chevrolet Pickup Restoration that was beautifully finished! The previous owner had this truck for six years and completed the restoration himself. This truck was completely disassembled and was given a fresh frame off restoration! There were absolutely no cutting corners and everything was done to the exact. Powered by a Chevrolet 327ci V8 Engine tied to a Saginaw 4 Speed Manual this truck is ready to move! The custom dash and beautiful upholstery make you feel like you just jumped into the 50’s showroom! This is a beautiful car that deserves to be shown off, bring out the mirrors because the undercarriage might shine as nice as under the hood! Come ride off into the 50’s in this beauty!

Go To www.VanguardMotorSales.Com To See Over 100 HD Photos and Our In-Depth Video For This 58′ Chevrolet Pickup and Over 200 Other Classics!

Chevrolet 327ci V8 Engine (#3932388)
– Stamped Serial No: V1108FB
Edelbrock Single 4 Barrel (# 1406 4174)
– CFM: 600
Saginaw 4 Speed Manual (#3890564)
Front Suspension: Independent
Rear Suspension: Leaf Spring
Ford 9” Rear End
Front – Disc
– Rear – Drum
Exhaust: Dual Exhaust with Polished Stainless Aftermarket Mufflers

Key Components:
– New Front Bumper
– Boxed Frame
– Sway Bar
– Power Steering
– Corvette Style Master Cylinder
– Steel Running Boards
– Stainless Mufflers
– Oil, Voltage, Speedo, Tac, Speedo, Odometer on Dash
– Radio
– Roller Rockers
– Corvette Cam Shaft
– Edelbrock Intake
– ACI Distributors
– Chrome Alternator
– Heater Shut Off
– Rack’n’Pinon Steering
– Heat
– Windshield Wipers
– Headlights
– Custom Gas Tank
– New Leaf Springs
– Air Shocks
– New Flex Lines
– New Brake Lines

– Blue Finish is Nice
– Grill Looks Brand New
– Hood Fits Flush
– Rubber on Windshield is New
– Doors, Lips, Jams are Nice
– Body is Straight
– Steel Rear Fenders
– Chrome on Read is Clean
– Gate Hardware is Nice
– Bedliner Material on Bed Is Nice
– Wheel Wells are Clean
– Front Wheels: 15” Chrome Wheels
– Rear Wheels: 15” Chrome Wheels
– Front Tires: Wide Whites 225/70R15
– Rear Tires: Wide Whites 255/70R15

– Black Seats are Nice
– Upholstery is Clean and Nice
– Carpeting is New
– Headliner is Nice
– Dash is Clean and Nice

Don’t Miss Out! Call Tom 7 Days A Week At 248-974-9513!



The best car and truck videos- 1958 Chevrolet Pickup For Sale #Buy #cars #trucks #videos