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Shocking Truth About Car Insurance

Did you know that you might be overpaying for car insurance by carrying things on your insurance policy that you don’t even need?  You could be saving, investing, or even spending that money on something else instead of overpaying month after month. 

We should have learned this in school!


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The ethical dilemma of self-driving cars – Patrick Lin

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Self-driving cars are already cruising the streets today. And while these cars will ultimately be safer and cleaner than their manual counterparts, they can’t completely avoid accidents altogether. How should the car be programmed if it encounters an unavoidable accident? Patrick Lin navigates the murky ethics of self-driving cars.

Lesson by Patrick Lin, animation by Yukai Du.


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Should I Carry Liability Or Full Coverage On My Auto Insurance?

Should I Carry Liability Or Full Coverage On My Auto Insurance? To find out the answer to this and many other insurance questions, visit us online at


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CNN 360 Anderson Cooper – Auto Insurance Part 1

Anderson Cooper story about questionable auto insurance practices.


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Buy The Cheapest Sports Car Insurance Policy This Week

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How to buy the cheapest sports car insurance policy? For most people a sports vehicle is the car of their dreams. The feel of a revving engine and their hair being swept back by the wind as their convertible speeds down on the highway, they feel is a prize worth paying for.

But what if once they acquire the sports car of their dreams, and the thrill of victory dies when they realize that something has gone terribly wrong? They suddenly realize they have blown most of their hard earned cash on the purchase of their new vehicle, not leaving enough for the purchase of car insurance. This is when the hunt for a cheap sports car insurance policy begins!

Some things to remember when looking for cheap sports car insurance:

Shop around the internet for insurance rates

Some of the cheaper sports car insurance rates can be found on the internet. Several insurance companies offer deals and discounts. There are also car insurance companies that offer free insurance estimates online.

Factors in determining cost

Sports cars that are driven in places that are considered to have high crime rates cost more to insure. Sports cars are known to be more often stolen than a non-sports vehicle. Their cost for repairs is relatively higher. This is why the insurance premium for sports vehicles are higher than average.

But if a sports car is equipped with safety features such as car alarm, detachable stereo, and steering wheel lock – the cost to have it insured will be reduced.

Compare prices

Shop around for the cheapest sports car insurance policy. This way you will be able to compare the different deals and offers car insurance companies are offering.

Customers would also know if they are being treated fairly, since they have a basis of comparison from different sources.

It is also a factor how many individuals are to be covered by a particular insurance company. This is why it is imperative to look into different sources for the best deal. Different insurance companies offer different terms and agreements.

There are numerous car insurance companies out that are less expensive sports car insurance.

The key is to find those that are offering discounts and special deals for the specific model of car and one that cover the buyer’s needs and specifications. This way the owning a sports car will be an exhilarating experience.

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Insurance Agency Rye NY | Insurance Broker Rye NY | Levitt Fuirst
Home and car insurance in Rye are not commodities, they are necessities. If you own significant assets, then you need a particular type of coverage that you can’t acquire from standard insurance agencies. That’s where the Levitt Fuirst insurance agency comes in. We are one of New York’s most respected middle market independent insurance agencies. We offer a wide collection of insurance coverages, ranging from homeowner’s insurance to auto and even travel accident insurance. Most importantly, we work with you to find out what the best kind of insurance is for you. We tend to think that we’re not just order takers, we’re risk advisors.
Please give us a call at (914)-457-4200 or visit our website at:
Call us now at (914)-457-4200, or click this link:

Chubb Homeowners Insurance Rye NY
Chubb Auto Insurance Rye NY
Chubb Personal Insurance Rye NY
Chubb Insurance Agency Rye NY
Insurance Broker Rye NY
Independent Insurance Agency Rye NY

520 White Plains Road, 2nd Floor
Tarrytown, NY 10591

Insurance is not a commodity. Those people that own significant assets soon learn that there are insurance companies that specialize and provide the coverages that you don’t get with standard insurance companies.
Ken asked us thorough questions about what our needs were. We brought in our policies and we went over what we had, and he went over what we possibly didn’t need, and where we should be adding things, and covered all of our areas of concerns. Areas and things that we hadn’t thought about.
Levitt-Fuirst really brought to light the fact that our homeowners policy only covered the house and did not necessarily cover a lot of our valuable content, such as art and jewelry.
There are many types of different insurance that Levitt-Fuirst provides. One would be high value homeowners insurance, another would be collectors insurance, umbrella, automobile, and also travel accident insurance. What is different about the way the agency runs is we’re not order takers. We’re more of risk advisors.
What does being a risk advisor mean as opposed to just selling insurance? It means having the foresight and asking the questions to understand what the unexpected might bring, and then coming up with the proper insurance product to protect against that eventuality.
Jason came to my home and was able to compare that I was considering an insurance to what other products were out there. This really opened my eyes to the difference that personal insurance coverage can provide.
While we’re one of the largest independently owned insurance brokers our clients can call me on their cells 24/7 to deal with questions, problems, claims.
Last year over the winter we had a serious flood. We were away when it happened, and when we found out about it I had absolutely no idea what to do. The first thing I did was I picked up the phone, I called Ken on his cell phone, and said “Okay, I got this. Don’t worry about it I’m going to your house now. I will call and have the restoration company come.” By the time we landed back in New York it was already in process of being taken care of.
I love helping people. I enjoy, whether I’m dealing with a business owner or a family, trying to solve their problems and provide them an answer and a solution to their needs.
I would highly recommend Levitt-Fuirst, not only for their personal care but their expertise in multiple facets of insurance.
What you get from Levitt-Fuirst is caring dedication to you, and they make you feel like you’re part of the family.

For more info, click here:

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A parents guide to insurance for their teen driver

Please read article at:

What you need to know about insuring your teenage driver. How much more will it cost you and what are some of the ways you can save money.


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Collision Car Insurance Versus Comprehensive – What’s the Difference?

We get it. Insurance can be confusing. But at Erie Insurance, our agents speak your language.

This video describes the difference between collision and comprehensive insurance, two types of coverage that could be already included in your auto insurance policy.

So what’s the difference?

Collision car insurance covers damages to your car for accidents that happen when you crash with another vehicle, object or person. For example, if you’re in a fender bender with another car or you back into a telephone pole or mailbox, your collision insurance can help cover the damage to your vehicle.

Comprehensive car insurance covers damages to your car beyond what collision covers. For example, comprehensive insurance kicks in if you’ve hit a deer (or a deer hits you) or if your car were to be struck by lightning or a falling tree. Comprehensive car insurance can also help if your car is damaged by hail, fire, theft, or vandalism.

Do you need both collision and comprehensive car insurance? It depends on your situation—the age of your car, your budget and how much risk you want to personally carry. An ERIE Agent can help steer you in the right direction. Find one at

ERIE® insurance products and services are provided by one or more of the following insurers: Erie Insurance Exchange, Erie Insurance Company, Erie Insurance Property & Casualty Company, Flagship City Insurance Company and Erie Family Life Insurance Company (home offices: Erie, Pennsylvania) or Erie Insurance Company of New York (home office: Rochester, New York). The companies within the Erie Insurance Group are not licensed to operate in all states. Go to for company licensure and product details.


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What Is Car Insurance 2016

What Is Car Insurance 2016

video will be live at:


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