Well being information | Job pressure may very well be harming your coronary heart

The researchers define “high-strain jobs” as those that are “psychologically demanding” but give job-holders little control “over the work situation.” Examples include bus driving, nursing, and working on assembly lines. Previous studies have linked work stress to coronary heart disease, but whether there is also a link to atrial fibrillation (A-fib) is less clear. According to first study author Eleanor I. Fransson, who is an associate professor of epidemiology at Jönköping University in Sweden, A-fib “is a common condition with serious consequences and therefore it is of major public healthRead More

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My former Academy roommate had a brain tumor – an Oligodendroglioma, to be exact. The operation to remove it was a remarkable success. He was in fantastic hands at the major cancer center caring for him….and his family. Weakened by the cancer and the operation, while at home, he fell and injured the other side of his brain opposite the tumor. When I first saw him post operation, he was trying to come out the resultant coma and could not speak. In the weeks and months that followed, speech returnedRead More


Join Today call 1 800 928-7144 Each minute, smokers burn through nearly 11 million cigarettes and 10 perish from the habit – one approximately every six seconds. The United Nations and the World Health Organization (WHO) have set aside today as World No Tobacco Day. Following are a few facts to consider when measuring the impact of smoking on the world’s population. How many people smoke? There are around one billion smokers in the world – one-seventh of the global population – according to WHO and other estimates. ChinaRead More