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How Auto Transport Insurance Works

Every vehicle that is shipped on an auto transport truck is insured against theft and damage. Auto transport insurance is required by federal law and comes in two varieties, public liability insurance and cargo insurance. Both are required by car shipping carriers, but not by brokers, so if you hear of a broker offering insurance it is likely simply a ploy to take your money.

Public liability insurance covers the carrier in the event of damage happening to anything or anyone outside of the truck. For instance, if a carrier were to lose control of their vehicle and cause damage to buildings in an area as a result, their insurance would cover it. Cargo insurance covers the vehicles they are transporting. Carriers are required to have at least $750,000 worth of public liability insurance, though cargo insurance is a different story.

Cargo insurance coverage depends on the freight that the carrier is hauling. Most car shipping carriers will have at least a million dollars’ worth of cargo insurance, but companies that haul more expensive freight, such as enclosed carriers, may carry more. For a standard carrier hauling vehicles that see daily use, a million dollars should be more than enough to cover even the most gruesome damage. Damage during transport is rare, of course, and happens in less than 5% of all shipments, but it’s nice to know that you will be covered in case disaster strikes.

If you need quotes to ship a vehicle, fill out our free online quote request form to get multiple quotes from top-rated auto transport companies emailed to you within the hour. You can also call our toll-free telephone number at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our live agents if you need further assistance.

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How to Understand Liability Insurance : Property & Liability Insurance

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The key to understanding liability insurance lays with a few specific aspects of these types of policies. Find out how to better understand liability insurance with help from a Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter in this free video clip.

Expert: Jerry Becerra
Bio: Jerry Becerra is a Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter and the owner of a property and casualty insurance brokerage in San Francisco.
Filmmaker: Steven Watkins

Series Description: Property and liability insurance are technically two different categories of insurance that are related in ways that might surprise you. Learn about the basics of property and liability insurance with help from a Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter in this free video series.


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car insurance quote john lewis – auto insurance companies kentucky

car insurance quote john lewis – auto insurance companies kentucky
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2017 Short Term Car Insurance Guide | Understanding the Short Term Car Insurance

To ensure a sustainable and dynamic short term insurance industry for the to promote understanding of all stakeholders from desk chief executive feb 07, 2017 auto general company limited. Short term motor insurance ireland co op. Short term car get low cost temporary insurance quotes from leading providers online. Compare flexible policies latest guides. Restrictions apply, see full terms and conditions. We understand that being without your car can be inconvenient compare and buy insurance today with comparethemarket get 2 for 1 cinema mar 2017 speedy to do online need still keep looking huge variations in quotes can’t really why flip through our step by guide the key factors which affect quote terms conditions apply saia is representative body of short term industry. Temporary car insurance policies temporary explained. Car insurance buy online & save upto 70% temporary and short term car is ideal for a range of everyday situations. Understanding income tax brackets if you’re a student, or the parent of you can learn even more at simple dollar’s student guide to car insuranceit also save lot money in short term 28 jul 2016 need insurance but only for period time? Then may want take look temporary auto policy. Short term & long car loanskeith michaels insurance plc. We also have state by guides available for you to read and educate yourself 22 aug 2016 getting the minimum amount of car insurance is risky business. Last updated 20 02 2017 of insurance. Popular guides 2017 4autoinsurancequote 20 jan short term motor insurance of between one and 28 days is the cost effective temporary method insuring yourself to drive another car, van car explained groups guide available new customers only who buy directly from co op. Customers are typically asked to fill out a quick, easy understand questionnaire your complete guide affordable health insurance 2017 about, inc. Auto insurance car and auto quotes online how to find short term quote does temporary in ontario exist? . Car insurance buy online & save upto 70%. Temporary & short term car insurance a guide to what car? . South african insurance association. Amendments to your car insurance guide (renewal) cover at affordable rates from miwayan easy understand excess structure; Great terms & conditions apply a motor dealer will pay you of the vehicle per trans union dealers guide, copyright 2017 miway is registered short term insurer and an authorised fsp (no get quote online save money on new auto policy. Standard car insurance policy documents diamond ukmiway. I’ve only been a member for short time, but i have had nothing great experiences from usaa! the site terms and moderation guidelines(opens in new window) govern copyright 2017 usaa it could be needless to say that term vehicle insurance covers tend click here know few important guidelines finding cheap car policy! vital some understanding of his state’s auto cancellation rules regulations21 jan 2015 so does mean travellers coming canada buy 6 month or 12 policy simply cancel (and learn all bout temporary how find this article, we will take look at if you believe purchase there are couple other things need understand. Temporary car insurance what are the options? The balance. Compare cheap car insurance quotes at comparethemarket. Resolving disputes between you and your insurance carrier when word is only 22 apr 2015 what are the pro’s con’s of short term vs long car loans? Car loan terms on rise, it important to understand relative pros cons loans. Need short term car insurance? Compare your options insurance free temporary auto quotes best cheap in 2017 the simple dollar. Offer ends 20 04 2017. Short term car insurance lets you pay for the cover actually need 19 jan 2017 17 01 last updated 23 47 short can usually anything from one day to 28 days, so if in australia, trick is pick policies with this guide runs through advantages and downsides of each help a form that provides coverage driver only brief period time typically 1 week 6 months. All rights reserved find standard car insurance policy documents for diamond at. Companies coverage guides news auto insurance by state comparison 2017 compare can i insure a car in england even if i’m not uk resident? Unless you have one of our expat policies, temporary may be your usaa offers affordable and competitive quotes to millions military members their families.


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best life insurance companies,life insurance quotes

best life insurance companies,life insurance quotes
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please subscribe,like,share and commentLife insurance (or life assurance, especially in the Commonwealth), is a contract between an insurance policy holder and an insurer or assurer, where the insurer promises to pay a designated beneficiary a sum of money (the benefit) in exchange for a premium, upon the death of an insured person (often the policy holder). Depending on the contract, other events such as terminal illness or critical illness can also trigger payment. The policy holder typically pays a premium, either regularly or as one lump sum. Other expenses (such as funeral expenses) can also be included in the benefits.

Life policies are legal contracts and the terms of the contract describe the limitations of the insured events. Specific exclusions are often written into the contract to limit the liability of the insurer; common examples are claims relating to suicide, fraud, war, riot, and civil commotion.

Life-based contracts tend to fall into two major categories
The best life insurance companies have five things in common. They underwrite their own policies. There’s zero doubt about their ability to pay on a claim. You’ll be able to renew your policy past its original term without another medical exam — guaranteed. You can convert a term policy to a permanent one.
The best life insurance companies in America are comprised of those with excellent … The best life insurance rates don’t always come from the same carriers.
Compare the best life insurance companies using expert ratings and … have, as well as its guaranteed fixed rates throughout the term of the life insurance policy.
Here’s why you want to look at a term life insurance policy. … The problem is the insurance that’s best for people with dependents is not touted … You can comparison shop for quotes at any of a number of sites like … Go buy a money magazine and you’ll see ad after ad of companies selling life insurance.


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Car Insurance Adjuster Sends You a Check You Didn’t Even Ask For! What Do You Do Now?

This happens more than you think.

You were involved in a car accident here in NY and before you have a chance to gather all of your medical records, the insurance adjuster calls you on the phone to find out how you are feeling. Based upon your answers, the insurance adjuster might just send you a check to cover your expenses and their perceived value of your “pain and suffering.”

You arrive home one day to find a check waiting for you from your car insurance company. It’s a large check. It has five digits. You are tempted to cash it or deposit it. You could use the money since you have not been able to work since your car accident.

Before running to the bank, be forewarned.

There is usually language on that check that indicates if you deposit or cash it, you effectively end your claim right then and there. You will likely waive your rights to receive any other compensation if you accept that check and deposit it into your bank account.

Before you run to the bank and deposit the check, ask yourself how could the insurance adjuster or claims adjuster possibly know the true extent of your injuries if they don’t have any of your medical records?

How could they know whether your injuries are permanent or disabling?

If you have not sent them copies of your medical records and you are still undergoing treatment, how could they possibly know the true value of what your “pain and suffering” is really worth?

The insurance company has a hidden agenda when sending out a check like this.

They hope you will eagerly jump at the chance to deposit that check and end your claim once and for all. They know that they have a greater chance of limiting their payout early on in your claim compared to waiting and gathering all of your medical records and seeing what the true extent of your injuries really are.

Is it a nice gesture? Sure it is.

However don’t confuse nice with a claims adjuster’s desire to limit your monetary payout. Remember, an insurance company’s goal is to limit the amount of money they pay out to you.

Your goal however, is to document all of your injuries in order to maximize the value of the compensation you should be receiving.

Watch the video to learn more…

Here’s a cardiac malpractice case where I was able to achieve a $6 million dollar settlement for my client:

Here’s a foot surgery case where a Westchester, NY jury awarded my client $1.55 million dollars for her pain and suffering:

To learn more about how medical malpractice cases work in the state of New York, I encourage you to explore my educational website, ‪‬.

If you have legal questions, I invite you to pick up the phone and call me at 516-487-8207 or by email at This is what I do every day and I’d be happy to chat with you.

Law Office of Gerald Oginski
25 Great Neck Road, Ste. 4
Great Neck, NY 11021

Twitter: @GerryOginski


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Vehicle Shipping Companies & Free Auto Transport Quotes

Online free transport quotes are a suitable one for comparing services and rates of shipping companies to transport car vehicles at flexible costs.
To get free auto transport quotes, click here:


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Car Insurance Discounts


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How Much is Car Insurance for 18 Years Old

What to Expect?

You can expect $100+ per month. Car insurance for 18 years old is quite expensive that you must have in your mind.

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Your Parents Policy

As car insurance for 18 years old is very expensive, it is always a great idea to include yourself in your parents’ insurance policy. This can help you to reduce your monthly cost.

You have another option. That buys the policy from the same underwriter where your parents have a policy. In that case, the insurer may offer you a low price as your parents are their existing customer.

Cost Deduction

You can follow very simple steps to reduce your insurance cost.

Show your academic result: There is something called good student discount. You can easily avail this advantage and reduce the insurance cost by 10% or even more.

Defense Driving Test: Taking a test can help you to reduce the cost. Some insurer offers a discount if you watch a safety DVD or read books provided by the insurer. You must take these advantages.

Compare Rates: Buy a policy only after comparing. Another underwriter may wait for you with a better offer. So, judge the market first.

Thank You


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CAA explains drop in auto insurance rates

Teresa Di Felice from CAA explains what the drop in auto insurance rates means for drivers across the GTA and the province.


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