Bitauto Holidng (NYSE: BITA) is an interesting Chinese car platform and car loan business that is growing at 50%. I discuss the stock, how it can fit a Chinese growth portfolio and why it will probably be a good investment. However, there is a catch.
It is also funny how the mother company is cheaper than the daughter company which indicates how markets are irrational. BItauto’s subsidiary YiXin is more expensive and trades on the Hong Kong stock exchange, thus there is potential room for investing arbitrage.

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Real Estate Marketing – Save Your Home with Loan Modification – Part 4 – Real Estate Marketing – Home Owner Negotiated Loan Modifications may have too many pitfalls — Produced by Dan Havey of Real Estate Marketing This Week

Part 4 – Yes, I think that makes perfect sense, the only analogy that I can come up with is I could probably figure out how to change the oil in my car, but its not my expertise. Im certainly not going to take the time away from what I have expertise in in order to figure out how to do that, Im going to have a professional do that, and it is the same idea with when someone is considering a loan modification.

You can probably call up that loss mitigation department of that lending institution versus going through the legal department and try to work through that scenario. But you dont know what you dont know, and if you take that approach and make that attempt it could cost you money, it could cost you a higher interest rate, it could cost you something that you are not even aware of. That’s where your team and the loan modification professionals and this attorney network that you exclusively work with come into play.

Again you talk about choosing to not change your own oil, of course you could figure it out, you wouldn’t operate on yourself, if you got yourself into some legal trouble and you were an attorney you wouldn’t represent yourself. Even though you may know what to do and how to do it, you are just not going to do it because you need an unbiased, 3rd party that is truly going to fight for your rights.

And who has expertise in this particular area, specifically focused on working on the mortgage holders, the consumers best possible outcome. That’s right and that is a great point, we have example after example of people who have tried to do the loan modification on their own and most of the time what we see is a situation that is best for the bank, a temporary fix, well people don’t need a temporary fix.

Temporary being the key word there, well make it better for one year, three years, five years, whatever it is, but we will tack it onto the life of the loan. One of our strategic partners was just sharing a story on the break about someone he knows personally that did this, they did this themselves without the benefit of an attorney and the end result was a temporary, short term fix today, all of the back interest, costs etc. were tacked on to the other side of the loan, of this mortgage. That is not what you are after, with a loan modification.

And when you think about it a temporary fix is what put most of these people in the situation to begin with it, were a temporary fix. Remember the billboards that said if your mortgage payment is only $500 a month you are payment too much, call us for a 1% interest rate. Give me a break, people fell for it, everybody fell for it, it was a disaster. You don’t need a temporary fix you need a real fix.

A real fix that is going to meet your needs as a consumer, that is going to meet the needs of your family so you can stay within the home and that’s going to meet the needs of your cash flow monthly, to get a reduced payment, whatever it is going to be for you and your family, that is the whole idea behind modifying your existing loan.

Another important item we hammer down on so many of these issues, a loan modification is not for somebody who doesn’t care. This is if you care and it appears that you will be faced with foreclosure, if you are late on your mortgage, if it is getting ready to go up, any number of genuine true hardships financially that happen to you. Your main goal has to be that you want to stay in your house, keep your family in that house, you need to call, we are here to help, we are not salesmen.

If you are able to find another solution, you know what we are happy for you, the more people in my opinion that are affiliates of my firm that are out there to help us through this process the better off we all are, the sooner we get through this loan modification, these toxic mortgages, the sooner all things economic will recover. The housing market is the basis for this economic crisis and everybody knows that.

There is no question and a number of experts that have weighed in and who have credibility that I receive advice from in terms of helping my own clients, they talk about the stock market in terms of when does it improve and when do stocks get a foothold and go forward and the economy starts to rise and recession come to an end and all those things…

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Closing Out Some Losing Trades Before Expiration – Yep it’s getting closer to expiration which means it is time to start closing out trades that didn’t go our way. But as always at Option Alpha we are never afraid to show you the losers because it’s part of trading and you have to learn from them.


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Motor giảm tốc Transcyko Cycloidal speed reducers – Động cơ Teco Đài Loan

Động cơ giảm tốc Transcyko sử dụng Motor Teco Taiwan.
Nhà nhập khẩu và phân phối
Chú ý trên thị trường có nhiều hàng dựng và lên lại không chính hãng. cam kết cung cấp hàng chính hãng, có đầy đủ CO, CQ.
ọi chi tiết vui lòng liên hệ: Mr.Lam
Phone: 090.900.0786

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A day in the life of an car insurance agent

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Here with my buddy JG, we’re customizing all of the brand new supercars and sports cars out in GTA Online today!

The new cars consist of, the Pagassi Reaper, a Lamborghini Huracan/ Lykan Hypersport mix, the Grotti (I can’t remember) which is a mix of a Ferrari FF with Toyota 86 tail lights, and the Vapid FMJ, a Ford GT/Aston Martin Vulcan mix!

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Finance and Felony GTA Online!!! NEW DLC

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