Самый красивый Мерседес. Обзор Mercedes CLS 2019

ПОДПИСЫВАЙТЕСЬ на наш канал! Мы запланировали десятки тестов новинок России, о которых пока никто не слышал.

Новый CLS — самая яркая новинка Лос-Анджелеса. Седан третьего поколения кардинально изменился внешне и получил опции, которые раньше были доступны только флагманскому S-Class. Сначала конкурента Audi A7 предложат в трех версиях: двух дизельных и одной бензиновой. Все модификации — полноприводные. Мерседес получил самые яркие в мире фары — они светят на 650 м и при этом совсем не слепят встречных водителей. До России Mercedes-Benz CLS доедет весной 2018 года. Подробности о новинке, которая навяжет конкуренцию Ауди А7, читайте здесь: https://www.autonews.ru/news/5a1fd7d09a79471ee7693e94

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Dj Quads – One With Nature


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Bangla New Music Video 2017 By Rakib Musabbir

A GMC Production
Song : Soto Jotonay
Singer : Rakib Musabbir
Cast : Sohan, priyanka, raz, Soriyad
Dop, Edit : GMC sohan
Concept : Khan Saheb
Directed By : GMC Sohan


The best car and truck videos- Bangla New Music Video 2017 By Rakib Musabbir #Buy #cars #trucks #videos

Uconnect Advantage | Ram 1500 Truck | Competitive Comparison

The award-winning available Uconnect® 8.4 system provides elegant design and seamless connectivity, unlike the systems offered by the competition.


With legendary power, performance and dependability, we’re determined to work hard and play even harder, boldly forging ahead to get the job done.
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The best car and truck videos- Uconnect Advantage | Ram 1500 Truck | Competitive Comparison #Buy #cars #trucks #videos

BMW M3 Tarihi | E30’dan F80’e

Bu videomuzda BMW’nin en başırılı spor otomobili M3 serisinin tarihini anlattık. E30 E36 E46 E92 ve F82 kasa M3’lerin özelliklerini sizlerle paylaştık.

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2017 GMC | Round 1, Front 9 | McBeth, Turner, Barsby, Brinster

Jomez Productions in association with the Professional Disc Golf Association, the Disc Golf Pro Tour, and Overstable Studios presents First Round MPO Feature Card coverage of the 2017 Green Mountain Championship Presented by Discraft.

Commentary by Jeremy Koling & Nate Sexton

Paul McBeth
Austin Turner
Gregg Barsby
Steve Brinster

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Music by Starframe Audio

Scorecard photos provided by Overstable Studios

Overstable Studios – A Disc Golf Media Company

Statistics provided by David Clancy


The best car and truck videos- 2017 GMC | Round 1, Front 9 | McBeth, Turner, Barsby, Brinster #Buy #cars #trucks #videos

Mercedes-AMG Project One UNVEILING with Lewis Hamilton

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Formula One star Lewis Hamilton joins CEO Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars Dr. Dieter Zetsche to unveil the all-new Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar.

The high-performance plug-in hybrid drive system of the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE comes directly from Formula 1, and was realised in close cooperation with the motorsport experts of Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrains in Brixworth. It consists of a highly integrated and intelligently networked unit comprising one hybrid, turbocharged combustion engine with a total of four electric motors. One has been integrated into the turbocharger, another has been installed directly on the combustion engine with a link to the crankcase and the two remaining motors drive the front wheels.

The 1.6-litre V6 hybrid petrol engine with direct injection and electrically assisted single turbocharging comes directly from the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 racing car. The four overhead camshafts are driven by spur gears. To achieve high engine speeds, the mechanical valve springs have been replaced by pneumatic valve springs. The vehicle is mid-engined (ahead of the rear axle) and it can easily reach speeds of 11,000 rpm, which is currently unique for a roadgoing vehicle. However, for higher longevity and the use of commercially available Super Plus petrol instead of racing fuel, it remains significantly below the F1 engine speed limit.

The electric motors on the front axle are also true rev wonders, with rotor revolutions up to 50,000 rpm – current state of the art is a speed of 20,000 rpm.

The very high-revving engine is additionally boosted by a high-tech turbocharger. The exhaust gas and compressor turbines are separated from one another and located at an optimum position to the exhaust side and to the intake side of the V6 engine, and connected to one another by a shaft. This shaft features an electric motor with approximately 90 kW which, depending on the operating status, electrically drives the compressor turbine with up to 100,000 rpm – for instance when moving off or following load changes. The Formula 1 designation for this unit is MGU-H (Motor Generator Unit Heat).

The major advantage: the dreaded turbo lag – the delayed response to accelerator pedal commands owing to the inertia of the large charger – is completely eliminated. The response time is greatly reduced, and is even shorter than that of a naturally aspirated V8 engine. The electric turbocharger brings about another advantage: it uses parts of the surplus energy from the exhaust system to generate electricity, and either stores it in the high-voltage lithium-ion battery as part of recuperation or provides additional drive power by feeding it to an additional electric motor. This motor produces 120 kW, has been installed directly on the engine and features a link to the crankshaft via a spur gear (MGU-K = Motor Generator Unit Kinetic) – another technology that ensures maximum efficiency and performance in Formula 1.

There will also be two further 120 kW electric motors at the front axle. Each is connected to a front wheel via a reduction gear. The fully electrically driven front axle allows individual acceleration and braking of each front wheel, and therefore selective torque distribution (torque vectoring) for particularly high levels of vehicle dynamics. With the axle motors, we estimate that up to 80 percent of the braking energy can also be optimally used for recuperation under everyday driving conditions. This energy is stored in the battery and is available for a longer electric range. Each electric motor is controlled by its own power electronics located in close proximity to the electric motors in the floor assembly.

The battery cells, their arrangement and the cell cooling system are the same as used in the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 racing car. However, the quantity of battery cells in the AMG Project ONE will make it significantly more practical for everyday use. The lithium-ion, high-voltage battery and the DC/DC converter supporting and charging the 12 V onboard electrical system are space-savingly accommodated in the vehicle floor behind the front axle. As a further innovation, the high-voltage EQ Power+ drive system operates with 800 volts instead of the usual 400 volts. Thanks to the higher voltage levels it is possible to influence elements, such as significantly reducing the cable diameters and accordingly saving design space and weight.

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The best car and truck videos- Mercedes-AMG Project One UNVEILING with Lewis Hamilton #Buy #cars #trucks #videos

2018 Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet – interior Exterior and Drive

Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet First Look
Last year’s 19-foot coupe concept loses its roof

Last year, Mercedes wowed us all with an electric coupe concept it called the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6. While the name was a bit of a clunker, everything else about it was pure elegance. It was nearly 19 feet long, almost all hood, and rode in silence thanks to its electric powertrain. The Vision 6 is back at Pebble Beach this year, this time without its roof.

In cabriolet form, the Vision 6 is still impossibly long, wide, and low. Only now, the peasants can get a better look at who’s driving. Instead of last year’s red, it’s been painted blue and rides on new 24-inch alloy wheels. Rims that size would look massive on most other cars, but the Vision 6 Cabriolet is so impossibly long, it actually makes 2 feet of wheel look appropriate. Of course, since this is a Maybach concept we’re talking about, the center lock is painted in rose gold. That’s not the only gold decorating the exterior, either. The fabric top also has rose gold threads woven in to match.
Inside, the driver is treated to what Mercedes calls a “360° open-air luxury lounge.” As you can see, the cabin is designed to flow around the occupants, wrapping them in luxury. There aren’t even really separate seats. Instead, the driver’s door panel almost seamlessly transitions into the seat bottom, then into the armrest, the passenger seat, and finally the passenger door panel. And there’s no infotainment screen integrated into the dash, either. Instead, the display is part of a strip that encircles the cabin. The dials and air conditioning vents contrast with the rest of the futuristic interior, using analog needles and classic design cues.

There’s also a sea of white Nappa leather covering almost every surface you might touch. The buttons used to secure the leather to the seats, for example, each have a Mercedes star on them backlit in blue. Oh, and of course the trim pieces are made from rose gold. The floor is covered in open-pore wood and inlaid aluminum to continue the boat theme that the car’s massive length and shape started. The transparent center tunnel, meanwhile, uses blue fiber optics to remind occupants that they’re in an electric land yacht from the future.
Speaking of the Vision 6 Cabriolet’s electric powertrain, it’s even more powerful than the coupe. Instead of 738 hp, it now makes a full 750 hp. Despite the car’s incredible size, Mercedes says that’s enough to hit 60 mph in less than 4 seconds. It also has a claimed range of more than 200 miles and supposedly gains 60 miles of range on only a five-minute charge.

Interior: 360° open-air luxury lounge

With the luxurious interior of the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet, Mercedes-Benz demonstrates a new synthesis of intelligence and emotion. At the same time, the designers have combined the unique tradition of the brand with a previously unknown high-tech experience.
The generous, flowing design idiom brings exterior and interior together in a holistic design. The formal flow of the areas from the rear into the interior gives rise to a typical yacht feeling. A light wing flows in a curve across the door trim and the center tunnel into the seat landscape, creating a 360° open-air luxury lounge.
The new “inside out” spatial design adds a particularly special feature. The sitting surface forms a horizontal plane, transitions into the vertical plane of the doors and finally becomes the underside of the dashboard wing.

In addition to the flowing contours, the material composition produces a luxury experience of the highest order. Here, too, the interplay of the contrasts is both hot and cool. The brand’s hallmark authentic materials and colors are used, such as rose gold on the trim elements, or the surfaces which come into contact with the skin, featuring a lavish, quilted crystal white nappa leather finish. In this luxury technique, familiar among other things from Chesterfield furniture, the leather is put into folds in a diamond pattern and secured to the frame with buttons. In the case of the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet, this traditional seat upholstery boasts a futuristic interpretation: each individual button of the quilting depicts a delicate Mercedes star, backlit in blue. The open-pore wood floor with inlaid aluminum underscores the lounge sensation and the connection to yachting.
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Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 : Barn Find, Test Track, & Dodge Challenger! (PC)

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018! Today, we fix up a Dodge Challenger, hit our first Test Track, then we find our first Restoration Project in a Barn Find!

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Filmēšanas aizkulises BMW video 2. daļai, pēc diezgan veiksmīgā pagājušā gada vasarā filmētās 1. daļas.

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Mercedes 1993 года с V8 за 140 000 / Стильный старый Немец!

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The best car and truck videos- Mercedes 1993 года с V8 за 140 000 / Стильный старый Немец! #Buy #cars #trucks #videos