2019 Ski-Doo Backcountry | Specs & Price CA & US

2019 Ski-Doo Backcountry | Specs & Price CA & US

Brand new for 2019 is the standalone Ski-Doo Backcountry crossover family, which is available with optional X-RS and X packages and 850 E-TEC or 600R E-TEC engines. Backcountry X-RS and X 850 E-TEC models do accept the Ski-Doo SHOT starting system.

The key to the new 2019 Ski-Doo Backcountry, along with the REV Gen4 platform, is the new cMotion uncoupled rear suspension.

“Its 146-inch length offers incredible flotation, while its tipped rail design allows razor sharp handling for aggressive trail riding. It also keeps the rising rate characteristics developed in the trail-oriented rMotion rear suspension, to deliver the same premium level of trail riding comfort and performance,” BRP says in a release.

Up front is a hybrid version of BRPs’ RAS 3 front suspension, which offers up an adjustable 38.4 to 40.2-inch ski stance.

While the new Ski-Doo Backcountry will be available all year, the Backcountry XRS and Backcountry X models are available as spring orders only.


2019 Ski-Doo Backcountry 600R(125 hp) & 850 E-TEC(165 hp) | Specs & Price CA & US

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Fast car rides in polaris slingshot sports car
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The Best Snowmobile Fails || Sleds Fail/Win Compilation #12

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The Best Sleds Fails for my Army!

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Polaris Sportsman Winterized

Polaris Sportsman Winterized

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In this Trail Tech segment, AJ pulls out one of our DirtTrax rigs and winterizes a Polaris Sportsman 1000 XP for the final weeks of cold and snow.

Included in the installation is some gear from KIMPEX including a GEN 2 Windshield, Oxford Heated Hand Grips, KIMPEX Handlebar Hand Muffs and KIMPEX Trail Trooper Tires.

Interested in the GEN 2 Windshield? Take a look here:


In dire need of Heated Hand Grips? Click here:


Handlebar Hand Muffs can be found here:


Trail Trooper Tires are right here:



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Snowmobile Track Inspection, Maintenance and Tension

The track is one of the most important components on your sled, and one of the most expensive. In this video I’ll cover some of the basic things you need to know about tracks, which could save you a ton of money if you’re buying a used sled, and reduce the likelihood of a track failure out on the trail.

I check my track tension with Woody’s Track Tension Tool, and I explain in this video why I think it’s the best option, especially if you don’t have a shop and a hoist.

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If you’re interested in the tool, check out http://www.woodystraction.com/

For more information about snowmobiling, check out one of my favourite bloggers at Intrepidsnowmobiler.com

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woodly dooly Pt 2 Yamaha RS Vector

Pt 2 view of installation of woodys dooly carbide runners on Yamaha rs vector


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