180520 Singto Krist @ Tesco Lotus Categorical occasion รวมความฟิน

180520 Singto Krist @ Tesco Lotus Express event รวมความฟิน

คลิปไม่ต่อเนื่องใดๆแต่ความฟินต่อเนื่องไปเลยค้า (รวมมาจากทุกคลิปของเราที่ถ่ายมาได้นะ)


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Deserted Acura NSX | Hong Kong’s Wonderful Uncared for Automobiles – Half three

Abandoned Acura NSX | Hong Kong's Amazing Neglected Cars - Part 3

From a Porsche 928 to an Acura NSX, you’ll never believe what hidden gems Hong Kong has tucked away!

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the best exotic car videos- Abandoned Acura NSX | Hong Kong’s Amazing Neglected Cars – Part 3 #exotic #cars #video #youtube

Shopping for A Mclaren 570S Money At 23 | Ricky Gutierrez

Buying A Mclaren 570S Cash At 23 | Ricky Gutierrez

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Chevrolet Colorado 4×4 Assessment & Take a look at Drive by AutonetMagz

Chevrolet Colorado 4x4 Review & Test Drive by AutonetMagz

Diatas kertas, dibanding double cabin lainnya yang ada di Indonesia, Chevrolet Colorado terbaru ini memang lebih kaya fitur dan terlihat lebih mewah.

Namun apakah semuanya itu sebanding dengan harga yang ditawarkan? Lantas bagaimana rasa berkendara dari double cabin Chevrolet Indonesia ini? Apakah termasuk yang nyaman di kelasnya?

Simak penjelasan dari test driver AutonetMagz, Ridwan Hanif, dalam video review Chevrolet Colorado High Country 4 x 4 berikut ini.

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the best exotic car videos- Chevrolet Colorado 4×4 Review & Test Drive by AutonetMagz #exotic #cars #video #youtube

Is This The 2019 Ford Raptor!?

Is This The 2019 Ford Raptor!?

Could this give us a good idea of what the 2019 Ford Raptor will look like?

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the best exotic car videos- Is This The 2019 Ford Raptor!? #exotic #cars #video #youtube

BMW M Energy TÜRKİYE F20 @harunaydiinnn

BMW M Power TÜRKİYE F20 @harunaydiinnn

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Was habe ich an meiner KTM 690 SMC-R verändert? | Tuning Story | BikePorn | Vlog

KTM 690 SMC-R Supermoto Veränderungen Tuning Story Erster Motovlog? Vlog Test BikePorn Mein Bike Wheelies baugleich zur Husqvarna 701 autumn 2017 2018




LED Laufblinker:
Kennzeichenhalter RoMatech:
Supermoto Lenkerspiegel/Lenkerendenspiegel:
Lenkerhalterung für Spiegel:
Zeta Handguards:
Brems- und Kupplungshebel:
Continental Sport Attack 3
Schalthebel ZAP:
KTM Moosgummi:
Spoke Styles:
K&N Luftfilter:
4D Carbon Folie:
Sturzpads vorne:
Sturzpads hinten:
Gummipuffer für Lenkeinschläge:

Rave – Eskei83 & Drunken Masters & Gunjah

GoPro Hero 4 silver
GoPro Hero 5 Black

– Panasonic Lumix G81
– 25mm Festbrennweite f1.7

eSmart Germany Kamera Slider | “Kimahri” | 120 cm (47”)

Yuneec Typhoon q500 4k

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Supermoto Lifestyle 2017 – Ktm Smr 125 Akrapovic

Pierandrea Cecconi:

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/pierandrea_…
facebook https://it-it.facebook.com/public/Pie…

Member of Motard Lovers – MLS : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKg5…

MLS’s Riders :
-Gianluca del Freo https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt3E…
-Lorenzo di nardo
-Forno Mls
-Andrew Mls
-Barle 101


the best exotic car videos- Supermoto Lifestyle 2017 – Ktm Smr 125 Akrapovic #exotic #cars #video #youtube

2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS Interior

2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS Interior

The new generation of Mercedes’ four-door coupe, the CLS is here packed with high-tech. Read more: http://www.carscoops.com/2017/11/all-new-2019-mercedes-cls-leaks-ahead.html


the best exotic car videos- 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS Interior #exotic #cars #video #youtube

2018 Acura TLX: REVIEW

2018 Acura TLX: REVIEW

The Acura TLX replaces the former TL and TSX sedans. The 2018 model has a new front grille, which Acura calls the Diamond Pentagon Grille.

Acura is offering a 2.4L inline-four or a 3.5L V6 engine for the TLX. We took the Tech A-Spec model for a test drive, which has the 2.4L engine and makes 206 horsepower and 182 lb.-ft. or torque.

Acura offers their advanced Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive system (SH-AWD) on the TLX which means improved grip for any road or weather condition.

We were really impressed by the sporty handling of the TLX. It’s a great performance sports sedan!

Dilawri’s Acura Dealerships:
Markham Acura (Markham, ON) – http://markhamacura.ca
Acura of North Toronto (Thornhill, ON) – http://acuraofnorthtoronto.ca/
Acura of Langley (Langley, BC) – http://acuraoflangley.ca/
Burrard Acura (Vancouver, BC) – http://burrardacura.ca/
North Shore Acura (North Vancouver, BC) – http://northshoreacura.ca/
Regina Acura (Regina, SK) – http://reginaacura.ca/

Dilawri Group of Companies is Canada’s largest automotive group with 67 franchised dealerships representing 30 automotive brands throughout Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia.


Video by Dilawri’s Mikayla Reidt and Sharnelle Kan


the best exotic car videos- 2018 Acura TLX: REVIEW #exotic #cars #video #youtube