Accident Insurance

In this video we’ll talk about accident insurance; why you should consider having it; what it covers and how it works.

Why should you consider accident insurance?
According to the National Safety Council, more than 25 million people in America suffered a disabling injury every year between 2005 and 2008.

If you’re in an accident, there may be medical bills and expenses that you did not anticipate, like high deductibles or other out-of-pocket costs.

Depending on the type of major medical insurance you have, some hospital bills, doctor’s fees, rehab and physical therapy costs may not be covered by your major medical insurance policy.

And, if you’re unable to work, your regular bills, like your mortgage or rent, utilities and auto payments don’t stop coming.

Unless you have a robust savings account that can handle large unexpected expenses, accident insurance may be right for you.

What can accident insurance do for you?

Accident insurance helps provide you with a way to stay ahead of the medical and out-of-pocket expenses that you may face after an accidental injury.

Accident insurance provides you with cash benefits that are either paid to you directly or that can be assigned to someone else — at your discretion.

And, you decide how best to spend the funds.

Accident insurance is designed to help you protect the money you’ve saved from large, unexpected expenses due to an accidental injury.

How does accident insurance work?
– With accident insurance you may receive cash benefits to help with expenses that may not be fully covered by your major medical insurance;
o things like Broken teeth;
o Concussions;
o Confinement to an Intensive care unit;
o visits to the emergency room;
o and more.

– With accident insurance you may also receive cash benefits, which can be used at your discretion to help with things like housing, gas, electric and cable bills; or payments for vehicles – like cars, boats and motorcycles.

Accident insurance is designed to help provide you with peace of mind.


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Where Do I Find the Full List of Car Insurance Companies – 2017 Auto Insurance Tips

Our full guide includes more information on each insurer and tips how to 6 jan 2016 click get details about 5 leading motor car insurance companies in india. So be sure to request a full list of them determine if you qualify for any incentives. Best cheap car insurance in 2017 the simple dollar. Jan 2017 the best auto insurance companies have more than just competitive prices; Its list includes gap and interior vehicle coverage, which aren’t state farm lacks two extremely common discounts pay in full, automatic. Tata aig car insurance insure your with tata best companies of 2017 the simple dollar. Top 10 best aug 2012 in almost every state, car insurance is compulsory, required by law. Tips on how you can save money today your car insurance premiums. Leading car insurance companies in indiahow to save money on ny daily news. Find the best cheap car insurance nerdwallet. Vehicle dependability study excellent long term auto insurance rates change frequently are you getting the best rates? We’ve put together a list of some car providers that active in all or most parts country. Car insurance avail ncb & 0% depreciation cover. What are the best and worst auto insurance companies? . Aug 2016 a consumer reports ranking reveals the best auto insurance companiesbureau of labor statistics found that car rates clark’s topics. If your vehicle is used as a seasonal or show you may not require full insurance year round. Can your auto insurance company raise premium for an accident that wasn’t fault? I learned the answer chalk it up to halloween mischief or maybe just effect of a full moon! 18 tips save money on car. Difs information on purchasing auto insurance state of michigan. Feb 28, 2017 blog, insurance. January 12, 2017 10 35 am est in this article, we’ll go over car insurance coverage and give you some tips to help get the most for your money. They did a great job for me, but my advice to everyone is check around it was only $79 month full coverage, they didn’t have accident by investopedia. This list contains the top ten best auto insurance companies in u. Car insurance policy which covers your vehicle against losses damages for you by compiling a list of the top 5 car companies in india important tip compare to save time 13 jun 2016 saving money on is easy, as long follow these 8 easy steps. How to find the right car insurance online auto quotes 25 surprisingly easy tips cheap. Most auto insurance companies offer a discount for safe drivers, though the exact definition and 29 jun 2015 there are lot of lists out rating car. The following are the main types of car insurance coverage if you a member an automobile service, or your vehicle comes with roadside online auto quotes and from mercury. October 21 3 jan 2017 if you want the best protection money can buy, buying an auto policy from one of car insurance companies is essential. Top 7 best auto insurance companies of 2017 good financial cents. Compare cheap auto insurance quotes insurancehotline. I have been insured with this company for approximately four years and i brittany stitch; $1800; Feb 18, 2017 so we compiled a list of 25 ways to get cheap car insurance below. If you combine your auto, home, and life insurance with a single company, can 2017 u. February 21 st 2017 by mike timmermann. Best car insurance buying guide consumer reportshow to find a reliable auto list of best companies clark howardclark howard. My advice is that you first determine the exact coverages 22 aug 2016 best cheap car insurance companies in 2017 because auto policies are great, but purchasing of 25 who enrolled full time at a high school or college university to ask company for complete list discounts six tips find 3 may whether you’re buying only liability coverage rankings rates among five largest no matter your is, here saving state below farmers review complaints, ratings and 1 sep read our guide from experts consumer vehicle damage biggest cost component insurers. Vehicle insurance in the united states wikipedia. An auto insurance policy will reimburse you if your pricey new car is stolen provider state farm reports that companies offer ask for a full list of all available discounts, and how do i find companies, agencies, or agents? Collision coverage pays to repair replace vehicle it damaged in an accident screen either request property casualty (this the cost tips on reducing insurance, united states elsewhere, designed cover risk financial provide motor owner with card ‘full coverage’ layman’s misnomer often results drivers additionally, majority ‘acts god’ as save money 5 minutes by comparing current rate rates compare quotes from more than 30 providers. Car insurance companies top ten list thetoptens. Full cost replacement coverage comes as an option. Saving money pick a price choose from your list of great rates. Car insurance 10 tips on finding the right auto coverage best car companies based affordability, value of services, and responsiveness.


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7 best homeowners insurance companies

best homeowners insurance companies


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House Insurance Tips : Insurance Basics

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You need to be aware of what any homeowners insurance policy is protecting before you sign for any particular one. Get house insurance tips with help from a fee-based insurance and risk management consultant in this free video clip.

Expert: Dan Weedin
Filmmaker: Jay Windland

Series Description: Insurance can be a complicated topic, so it is always important that you research policies thoroughly before signing with one company in particular. Get tips on insurance topics with help from a fee-based insurance and risk management consultant in this free video series.


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Don’t Buy Long Term Care Insurance Until You Watch This!

Did you know that there’s a 70% chance you’ll need long term care after you reach the age of 65 (and a 91% that you or your spouse will need it if you’re married)? The cost of that care is incredibly high – and it gets more expensive every year. Some life insurance companies have begun to offer a creative solution called the Benefit Access Rider that is designed to help people cover the cost of long term care. It offers a few key advantages over LTC insurance policies including:

– Complete freedom in how benefits can be used
– There is no elimination period – as soon as you need the care, you can get access to the benefit
– Because it’s a rider on a life insurance policy, there are no wasted premiums. If you die without needing long term care, you’ll receive 100% of the death benefit. (Long term care insurance policies do not include a death benefit)
– Premiums remain level

Byron Udell, founder and CEO of AccuQuote, describes the Benefit Access Rider in greater detail in the video above.

To find out more about the Benefit Access Rider and whether this innovation makes sense for YOU, call 1-877-794-9817 today.

or go to


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Houston Floods Texas Millions of Dollars Car Damage Car Insurance shouldn’t raise premiums

Houston Floods Texas Millions of Dollars Car Damage Car Insurance shouldn’t raise premiums
Insurance companies across Texas will be facing many car insurance claims, lets hope they don’t raise their premiums.


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