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Your excuse to buy a Pickup! Let your spouse hear this!

My Channel is primarily focused on Full Size pickup reviews as well as trucking equipment.Thank you for watching my channel. […]

BMW M2 meets ANGRY Flashing MINI on German Autobahn✔

↓↓↓MORE INFO & MY GEAR↓↓↓ GPS Speedometer COA: iOS: Android: 2017 BMW M2 (3.0 Turbo, 272 kW- 370 […]

Cars Leaving Pure Ford 2017!

Here are the cars leaving Castle Combe’s all new show, Pure Ford! source The best car and truck videos- Cars […]

MY FIRST CAR: Dodge Charger Police Pursuit & HELP ME WITH IDEAS

My first car: Dodge Charger Police Pursuit Package hemi. This is my first video on my New Car Review/Car edit […]

Busting Ford Ranger’s ‘Science of Truck’ Commercial | Auto Expert John Cadogan | Australia

The acid-dropping, crack-smoking, marijuana cookie-chomping, self-administering recreational pharmacologists at Ford … well, they’ve done it again. In public. And this […]

Invoice Ford discusses Trump, autonomous autos in Detroit

source The best car and truck videos- Bill Ford discusses Trump, autonomous vehicles in Detroit #Buy #cars #trucks #videos

2017 Ford Fiesta – five key facts | What Car?

The 2017 Ford Fiesta has been revealed, and will take on some of the UK’s best selling small cars including […]

Zu Tisch in Dalmatien – Hummer und Langusten als Alltagsgericht

Im Archipel von Lastovo hat sich eine ursprüngliche Lebensweise und auch Küche erhalten, wie man sie in anderen Teilen Kroatiens […]

Video highlights car theft problem with Ford trucks

Detectives with the Albuquerque Police Department said they’re seeing an increase in thieves making off with one type of vehicle […]