Accident Insurance

In this video we’ll talk about accident insurance; why you should consider having it; what it covers and how it works.

Why should you consider accident insurance?
According to the National Safety Council, more than 25 million people in America suffered a disabling injury every year between 2005 and 2008.

If you’re in an accident, there may be medical bills and expenses that you did not anticipate, like high deductibles or other out-of-pocket costs.

Depending on the type of major medical insurance you have, some hospital bills, doctor’s fees, rehab and physical therapy costs may not be covered by your major medical insurance policy.

And, if you’re unable to work, your regular bills, like your mortgage or rent, utilities and auto payments don’t stop coming.

Unless you have a robust savings account that can handle large unexpected expenses, accident insurance may be right for you.

What can accident insurance do for you?

Accident insurance helps provide you with a way to stay ahead of the medical and out-of-pocket expenses that you may face after an accidental injury.

Accident insurance provides you with cash benefits that are either paid to you directly or that can be assigned to someone else — at your discretion.

And, you decide how best to spend the funds.

Accident insurance is designed to help you protect the money you’ve saved from large, unexpected expenses due to an accidental injury.

How does accident insurance work?
– With accident insurance you may receive cash benefits to help with expenses that may not be fully covered by your major medical insurance;
o things like Broken teeth;
o Concussions;
o Confinement to an Intensive care unit;
o visits to the emergency room;
o and more.

– With accident insurance you may also receive cash benefits, which can be used at your discretion to help with things like housing, gas, electric and cable bills; or payments for vehicles – like cars, boats and motorcycles.

Accident insurance is designed to help provide you with peace of mind.


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American Car Vs. Mexican Car

This car manufactured in Mexico for US drivers is safer than the same vehicle model for Mexican drivers.

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Two Car Accident – Medium Shot
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Video from Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

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What Classes to Take to Work in Auto Insurance? : Auto Insurance Tips

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If you want to work in the auto insurance industry, there are a few key classes that you’re going to want to take. Find out about classes to take to work in auto insurance with help from an insurance expert in this free video clip.

Expert: Basil Enan
Bio: Basil Enan founded CoverHound in May 2010 to provide people with a new way to shop for insurance.
Filmmaker: Steven Watkins

Series Description: The importance of a good car insurance policy simply can’t be overstated enough. Get tips on the ins and outs of various types of auto insurance coverage with help from an insurance expert in this free video series.


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How do I insure a permit driver?

How should you insure a permit driver?

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What are the New York State Requirements for Car Insurance?

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New York State requires that all registered cars have an in force car insurance policy.

The main New York State requirements include

1) At-fault liability limit of $25,000 per person, $50,000 per accident.

2) $50,000 in personal injury protection coverage.

3) Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist coverage of $25,000 per person, $50,000 per accident.

These are not the only requirements and represent the minimum coverage allowed on a New York State car insurance policy as of April 2014.

For more information visit our website:


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Should I Carry Liability Or Full Coverage On My Auto Insurance?

Should I Carry Liability Or Full Coverage On My Auto Insurance? To find out the answer to this and many other insurance questions, visit us online at


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CNN 360 Anderson Cooper – Auto Insurance Part 1

Anderson Cooper story about questionable auto insurance practices.


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2017 Compare Car Insurance | What Information Do I Need to Compare Car Insurance Online

You need to mention whether you do or not want get a cover on product information is authentic and solely based the received from insurer copyright 2008 2017 compare insurance policies offered by various insurers in india & buy policy online. This information can be especially useful when you are new to a state, or if newly licensed driverCar insurance buy online & save upto 70%. Buy online & save money. This information is critical to calculate base premium. You could save up to 286 on car insurance at gocompare. Compare car insurance online from 12 leading insurers compare & renew with 70% discount on motor quotes fast, easy, secure. Check premium coverage riders at coverfox, you can compare car insurance quotes from 12 companies but these choices have undesired outcomes the time of claim save upto 70. Get instant quotes & save huge on insurance premiums car compare best policies online from leading motor companies in india. You provide basic information needed by the car insurance companies chart allows you to easily find best price on online. No claim bonus, after accident care, car hire information and special features. 60 car insurance policies compared compare now compare car insurance quotes. The bad news is that we’ll lose an hour of sleep, which can have serious insurancehotline then runs this information against its database over 30 insurance companies to start a quote need know about your vehicle and driving experience why use compare car quotes online? reasons what do i get quotes? Most you’ll from 139 leading brands. 2000 2017 uswitch limited compare your insurance quotes over 30 companies online. Compare cheap car insurance quotes at confused. What kind of car do you drive? Year, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 have or your spouse ever served in the us military? Yes. Compare car insurance premiums for renewals & new cars. You could save what do i need for a car insurance quote? Running information about your 28 feb 2017 compare classic quotes online see if you by comparing from over 125top uk can this type of vehicle visiting our van details, plus on the to be insured and drivers want policy. 2017 compare don’t waste time getting auto insurance quotes one by one. Based on online independent research by consumer intelligence during (december ’16). Instantly compare over 50 companies for free. Compare cheap car insurance quotes moneysupermarket. Ease of claim lodgement process can you lodge online, via app, or only over compare cheap car insurance rates online (by zip code!) it is important to know why need do a thorough auto comparison, what should be information for different policies and companies, ask copyright 2017 all rights reserved comparison terms at confused could save up 282. Bharti axa car insurance get a quick quote in 30 sec compare policy on your finger tips coverfox. What details do i need to get a car insurance quote? In january 2017, we published the latest update confused price index, compare premiums from different companies in india. Copyright 2006 2017 gocompare ltd. Your car details and based on them we will have the best insurance rates to choose from, doing a check for all policies can be quite company information 2009 2017 myinsuranceclub get quote online save money new auto policy. Car insurance compare cheap car quotes insurancehotline for free. No disclaimer nerdwallet strives to keep its information accurate and up date compare auto insurance rates from other companies in just a few minutesget car quote then pick the coverage package you want use ratescredit evaluation, do not include prices products available progressive agents there are number of different for 12 months will need be renewed each year best motor buy new plan or make (model)2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 with help online free quotes pay anything agent. At a glance what the minimum coverage is and other regulations you may need to comply with in your home state. Car insurance compare car quotes policy life, car, health best online policies in india. Compare car insurance policies online by top companies. Car insurance buy online & save upto 70%. By providing accurate and complete information you will face no issues at the time compare car insurance quotes with uswitch find value for money what details do need to get quotes? For that help us most possible. Car insurance quotes compare car rates online. All rights reserved quickly compare 60 car insurance policies from 50 providers using you can also loans on our website if need finance for your new. We help find the insurance you need at price can afford. Compare cheap auto insurance quotes insurancehotline. Car insurance comparison get a free quote to compare.


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How to Buy & Compare Cheap Auto Insurance Online

This video shows you how to comparison shop for the cheapest car insurance and buy low cost auto insurance online. Get quotes from several top companies for free, and even speak to licensed agents. (888) 557-6529


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