Try Nain’s 90-year-old snowmobile

Check out Nain's 90-year-old snowmobile

This northernized 1927 Model T Ford was Nain’s first snowmobile. It was left in the woods to rust, but now it rides again.

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2018 Arctic Cat ZR Snowmobiles

The innovation in the 2018 Arctic Cat ZR snowmobiles changes the game for trail riding!


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La herramienta oculta del mapa de Dota 2: El secreto de los 8k+

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Activa la cuadrícula de navegación y conviértete en un maestro de los jukes. Son sólo dos comandos de la consola que podrían ahorrarte años de práctica en Dota 2, la puedes usar para descubrir lugares, pasadizos, escondites en el mapa y después usarlos en tus rankeds. Polaris Dota como siempre trayendo el mejor contenido a la comunidad latinoamericana de Dota 2.
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2018 Polaris 600 Switchback XCR Evaluate

2018 Polaris 600 Switchback XCR Review

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The 2018 Polaris 600 Switchback XCR, officially, at least, according to Polaris marketing-speak is designed “… for extreme performance riders that need to dominate tough terrain at high speeds.” It’s also spec’d with race-ready components such as heavy-duty, reinforced rail beams and the same side-vented racing brake seen on the 2017 Rush XCR.

As veteran riders with decades of experience, but with an appreciation for the fact that most of the ride-review sleds presented at the annual test session are either limited pilot build or straight out prototypes worth many times their ultimate in-season retail price, we tend to take it easier than the factory riders. Fortunately for us, Polaris assigned riders to travel with us for photo purposes and to answer questions that might arise as we rode their models. These guys didn’t baby their mounts and showed us in no uncertain terms the XCR’s capabilities, which are impressive.


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Yamaha Sidewinder Snowmobiles 2018

Yamaha Sidewinder Snowmobiles 2018

All About Your Experience Test Ride ATV – Preview – Review – First Look
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2018 Yamaha Utility Series Snowmobiles

There are utility snowmobiles…and then there’s the Professional offering proven performance combined with undeniable reliability which is exactly what Yamaha’s 2018 utility snowmobiles are all about.


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Sled edit 2017 Professional Rmk 800- Donutriders

Sled edit 2017 Pro Rmk 800- Donutriders

Sled edit from Sweden.
Polaris Pro Rmk 800 2013
Song: Inukshuk – Happy Accidents [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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16 Worlds Craziest Snowmobiles

Winter has arrived! Time to dig out your winter toys. Here are 16 of the worlds CRAZIEST Snowmobiles. Is it time for an update?

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10. Timbersled Mountain Horse

This system comes with a front ski and a rear track system that converts any standard dirt bike into a snow bike, giving riders a unique and excellent experience. This fantastic piece of equipment comes with a price tag of a little over 5,000 dollars.

9. Model T Snowmobiles

Inventor Virgil White came up with a conversion kit for Ford Model T’s, receiving a patent for the design in 1917. At the time he called the concept a “snowmobile,” which is the first recorded use of the word. His design was ingenious. Skis replaced the front wheels. The wheels were then moved to the back and rigged to serve as idler wheels for a continuous track that was driven by the rear wheels. The design eventually became obsolete with improvements in roads and the invention of the snowplow, but the converted cars saw a rise in popularity in recent years.

8. Bandvagn 206

The Swedish Army knows a lot about the difficulties of getting through heavy snow, so it is no wonder that they designed such a great all-terrain vehicle. The 206 was designed to carry troops and equipment through the snow. The fully amphibious vehicle works so well that Sweden produced 11,000 for use in at least 37 countries throughout the world. Research outposts in the Antarctic and Icelandic regions use this remarkable apparatus and Canadian oil companies reportedly use decommissioned BV’s to traverse remote wells in Alberta.

7. Converted Subaru WRX STI

This rally car was fitted with Mattrack all-terrain tracks and made its debut at SEMA in 2009. Converted by professional rally driver and DC Shoes co-founder Ken Block, this 400 horsepower beast is capable of powering through the harshest winter weather.

6. Snow Chopper

Stationed at McMurdo Station in Antarctica and tasked with maintained the snowmobiles kept at the station mechanics Bob Sawicki and Toby Weisser used their free time and the station’s free parts to design a snow motorcycle. The unique contraption was born out of a project for the station’s alternative art gallery, though it is fully functional.

5. Tucker Sno Cat 743

Four of these massive and imposing snow vehicles were used by Sir Vivian Fuchs and Sir Edmund Hillary to cross Antarctica for the first time from 1955-1958. Their historical significance did not go unrecognized as three are on display in museums in the United States, New Zealand, and London. The astounding machines were able to cross the continent at a rate of 22 miles per day despite being hammered by winds of up to 40 knots and temperatures reaching -70 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Snow Glider

Meant for relaxing trips across snow plains the Snow Glider seats two in its heated cockpit. Designed by a Czech man and his son the fan-powered glider is very lightweight with an aluminum frame and a fiberglass canopy. It sounds interesting to drive. The driver steers with foot controls and has hand levers for the throttle and brakes. Capable of reaching speeds of 75 miles per hour this snow conqueror can also climb 30-degree grades with ease.

3. Hydrocopter Arctic Ant

Built specifically for professional use in extreme conditions this amazing ride can crawl over the toughest snow and ice with ease. The vessel has two modules. The first module shelters the cabin, which can fit up to 6 people and, if the situation calls for it, a stretcher. The second module contains the engine, making it less noisy for individuals in the cabin.

2. Arctic Airboat PE70

Used in Finland for rescue and transportation this incredible snowmobile is capable of being exploited on either water or snow. The PE70 comes equipped with a 70 horsepower dual ignition engine that makes it capable of reaching speeds of roughly 60 miles per hour on ice. The propeller consists of 3 carbon fiber blades which allow it to attain speeds of up to 30 mph. Judging from YouTube videos they look a lot of fun to drive but come with a price tag that is north of 40,000 dollars.

1. Ripsaw EV2

Jaw dropping and hard to fathom the Ripsaw graced the cover of Popular Science and won accolades as the invention of the year. Starting in 2013 Ripsaw used their award winning base and began development of the EV2, a high performance, luxury super tank designed to cater to the public’s every off-roading desire. Capable of conquering almost any terrain the tanks take up to 6 months to put together and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.


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Riding Snowmobile Trails with my JKU Rubicon HR

Pigeon State Forest, MI has seasonal roads used by snowmobilers and Jeeps like mine. Here are some snowmobilers going by.

Jan, 14th 2017


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