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How to Buy Life Insurance Without Getting Ripped Off

Worried you’re going to ripped off when you buy life insurance? Founder and CEO of AccuQuote, Byron Udell, will help you take the worry out of that task by providing practical information to help you buy life insurance with confidence.

Hi. I’m Byron Udell, Founder and CEO of AccuQuote.

Did you know that half of all Americans have NO life insurance? None. People just like YOU…with spouses, and children.

When you DIE…what’ll happen to your family? Will they be able to keep the house? How they going to pay the bills? Because they’re not going to stop coming. Have you seen what it costs to send just one kid to college lately?

If you don’t have an answer…YOU need life insurance.

The GOOD news is…life insurance is now more affordable than ever! Term Life Policies, for example, costs only A THIRD of what they did just 20 years ago.

There’s no other product that does what life insurance can do. It turns pennies into dollars at the exact moment your family needs it most.

The MOST important thing you absolutely need to get right, the first time, is to make sure the face amount, the death benefit that’ll be paid to your family when you die accurately reflects the economic value of your life.

The “rules of thumb” (like 10 times your annual income) simply don’t work very well. Sure, you can use a “needs calculators” like the one on our website. There’s lots of them out there. And they’re okay, but none of them are perfect. Personally, I’ve always erred in favor of a little more coverage.

Also, make sure any policy you’re considering is not designed to expire before you’re done needing it. For instance, a 10-year term policy may be real cheap, but if it expires in 10 years, before you die…and before you’re done needing life insurance and you’re stuck going back into the insurance market looking for new coverage WITHOUT the good health you have today…then that’s not smart.

When you’re shopping around, insist on only looking at prices from life insurance companies that have a rating of “A” or better from A.M. Best – the oldest and most respected firm that rates insurance companies on financial strength and claims paying ability.

If you’re considering a Term Life policy…ask the agent to explain exactly how the convertibility provision works. WHEN does it expire? WHAT can you convert to, if you ever need to? Ideally, convertibility should last for the entire level term period, or at least to age 65 or longer.

Remember, life insurance companies make their money on people that drop their policies prior to dying. If you’re still alive at the end of your term, the insurance company is happy. They get to keep all your money and pay you nothing.

But if, at the end of the term, you convert your policy to a PERMANENT policy, it won’t run out until you DIE. And when that happens, your family will get a check for the policy amount…tax-free.

That’s how you win the game of life insurance. Just six little words: DIE WITH YOUR POLICY IN FORCE.

You also might want to check out whether the policies you’re considering are available with a RETURN OF PREMIUM or “ROP” feature. An ROP provision means that, even if you don’t die, at the end of a specified period (usually 30 years on an ROP term policy)…you will receive a FULL REFUND OF 100% of the premiums you’ve paid into it…assuming, you’re still alive and your policy is still in force. What’s the catch? Well, ROP policies do cost more than regular Term Life policies. But they cost more because they DO more.

We’re also beginning to see Permanent policies with Return of Premium guarantees built in. Definitely worth looking at, because in the permanent insurance arena, the ROP features don’t add any cost. Some companies offer them, while others don’t.

Whatever policy you buy, make sure that your premiums and your full death benefit is FULLY GUARANTEED. This is especially critical on Universal Life policies. If the premiums AND death benefits aren’t fully guaranteed, then you’re just asking for trouble.

As for Rate Classifications that determine your pricing, keep in mind that lowest rate you can get is “Preferred Plus.” And that rate only goes to HEALTHIEST customers.

But “Preferred” is still pretty darn good. The third best class is “Standard Plus,” and the fourth best is “Standard.”

Now for the MOST important thing to remember if you want to compare the BEST RATES in life insurance. Make sure you’re talking to a broker that handles LOTS of insurance companies…not just ONE. A broker like AccuQuote.

If you’d like more information or help in comparing policies, call us at 800-442-9899 or go to AccuQuote.com. We promise to make it as easy as possible for you!


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Car Insurance for New Drivers: 4 Tips for Lowering Premiums

Car Insurance for New Drivers: 4 Tips for Lowering Premiums
Car Insurance for New Drivers: 4 Tips for Lowering Premiums …
Car Insurance for New Drivers: 4 Tips for Lowering Premiums …
Car Insurance for New Drivers: 4 Tips for Lowering Premiums …
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Car Insurance for Young Drivers: Tips & discounts – MSE
How To Save Money On Teen Car Insurance at : The DMV …
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How to get the cheapest car insurance: Ten tips for cheaper car …
Car Insurance for New Drivers: 4 Tips for Lowering Premiums
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Car Insurance for New Drivers: 4 Tips for Lowering Premiums


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Cheap Auto Insurance In VA [Virginia] – Who Has the Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes

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Many website analyzed car insurance premiums to give the state’s 5.7 million licensed drivers an idea of the best auto insurance rates in Virginia. We studied car insurance rates by company, city, and profile, and found the overall average to be $2,737 for a standard liability protection.

While $2,737 was the mean blended premium, we found that rates could vary quite widely. In fact, for the same driver, we saw the difference between the minimum and maximum car insurance costs to be as much as 7x between different companies and cities. This is why to find the best rates, consumers should shop around. Type your zip code below to start shopping great quotes from the top auto insurance companies in your area, or read more below.

Best Auto Insurance in Virginia
The annual premiums below are based on auto insurance coverage that adds uninsured / underinsured motorist coverage, medical payments, and some comprehensive and collision protection in addition to the minimum insurance liability limits in the state of Virginia.

Based on the sample rates below, prospective policyholders can see how researching and comparing rates result in a more informed decision. The difference between the most expensive and lowest rates is $4,206, which could have almost paid for four more years of car insurance at USAA. For non-military drivers, that delta is $3,714 between Progressive Direct Insurance Company and Travelers Home and Marine Company. Read below for the best car insurance companies ranked by premiums.

Cheapest Auto Insurance in Virginia
Based on survey data, the three companies with the cheapest auto insurance rates were USAA, Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Company, and Traveler’s Home & Marine Company. Since the first two are specialty auto insurers (USAA and Garrison are affiliated companies that provide financial services for members of the military forces), we’ll add two more to the list: GEICO Casualty and Mid Century Insurance (a subsidiary of Farmers Insurance). Annual auto insurance rates for GEICO, Travelers, and Mid Century averaged out to $1,729, which was about 37% cheaper than the average in the state.

Most Expensive Auto Insurers
At the other end of the spectrum, the three most expensive insurers in the survey were: Progressive Direct Insurance Company, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, and Liberty Mutual Insurance Corp. The average of these three companies is $5,294, which is almost twice the overall state average (93% higher).

This helps to illustrate that underwriting criteria and methodologies can differ widely for the same profile across multiple insurers, and that consumers should compare rates at a few insurers to understand what a fair market rate for their policy would cost.

Cheap, Auto, Insurance, In VA [Virginia],Who, Has, the, Cheapest, Auto, Insurance, Quotes

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RV Insurance Review

RV owners will want to avoid these costly mistakes when buying RV Insurance. Learn how to protect yourself. www.yubareview.com.


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How to find the best cheap car insurance for young drivers

Cheap car insurance for young drivers
Young drivers insurance for cars is notoriously expensive – find out why and what you can do to lessen the blow and find cheap insurance for young drivers.


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10 Things You Should Know About Buying Auto Insurance (Car Insurance Tips)

Factors That Impact Your Rates
In addition to the specific coverage options that you select, other factors that affect your auto insurance rates include the following:

-Deductible: This is the amount of money that you pay out of your own pocket if you get in an accident. The higher your deductible, the lower your insurance bill. In general, a deductible of at least $500 is worth considering, as damage to your vehicle that comes in at less than $500 can often be paid without filing an insurance claim.

-Age: Younger, less experienced drivers have higher insurance rates.

-Gender: Men have higher rates than women.

-Demographics: People living in high-crime areas pay more than those living in low-crime areas.

-Claims: Accident-prone drivers pay more. If you want to keep your rates low, keep the number of claims that you file to a minimum.

-Moving Violations: Speeding and other moving violations all have a negative impact on your insurance bill. Obey the law to help keep your rates from rising.

-Vehicle Choice: Sports cars cost more to insure than sedans, and expensive cars cost more to insure than cheap ones do. Looking into the cost of insurance before you purchase that new car could help you save a bundle on your car insurance.

-Driving Habits: The number of miles that you drive, whether or not you use your car for work, and the distance between your home and work all play a role in determining your rates.

-Theft Deterrent Systems: If you have an alarm on your car, you’ll pay less to insure your vehicle.

-Safety Devices: Air bags and anti-lock brakes both work in your favor by keeping you safer and lowering your insurance bill.

-Accident Prevention Training: Some companies offer discounts if you take a driver’s education training course.

-Multiple Policies: If you have more than one car and/or also have homeowner or renter’s insurance, keep in mind that many insurance companies offer discounts based on the number of policies that you have with them.

-Payment Plan: Some insurance companies offer discounts based on your payment plan. Paying your entire yearly bill at one time, instead of in installments, may lead to a discount.

-Credit Score: Good credit lowers your car insurance rates. Bad credit increases them. (To learn more about this process, see Insight Into Insurance Scoring and The Importance Of Your Credit Rating.)

Shopping Tips

When you’re in the market for car insurance, careful shopping is a must. Prices, features and benefits vary widely from company to company. Minimum coverage requirements vary too. In Florida, for instance, the minimum coverage requirements are $10,000 for personal injury protection and $10,000 for property damage.

In the personal injury department, $10,000 dollars doesn’t buy much in the way of medical services should an operation or prolonged stay in the hospital be required. The same is true when it comes to personal property, as there are many sport utility vehicles and luxury cars that are priced well above $30,000. Therefore, protecting your financial assets in the event of an accident is likely to require far more coverage.

Comparison shopping is always a smart thing to do, and there are many websites designed to help consumers compare insurance policy prices. Insurance agents can help too. Independent agents often offer policies from multiple carriers and can help you find the policy best suited to your needs. Before you eschew an agent in favor of an online provider, think carefully about who you are going to call after you have an accident. Your agent has an incentive, in the form of your repeat business, to provide good service, while an online service may come up short.

Before you buy a policy, research your policy provider – regardless of who it is. Numerous firms rate the financial health of insurance companies, and your state also has an insurance website that rates firms based on the number of complaints they have received. (For a comprehensive list of state insurance regulators, visit the Federal Citizen Information Center.)


Shopping wisely can help you protect your health, your assets and your wallet, so put forth the effort to determine the type and amount of coverage that you need. Also make sure that you review and understand your policy before you sign on the dotted line. If you plan well, you’ll be pleased with the results, should you ever find the need to put your policy to the test by making a claim.
For related reading, see Wheels Of A Future Fortune.


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