Taking your car accident injury claim to trial can be risky

Taking your car accident injury claim to trial can be risky. Sometimes, you have no choice, because the insurance company is denying liability, or the offer to settle is less than your medical bills.

Sometimes, you may decide to file suit because you want more money than the insurance company is offering. But, before you file a lawsuit, take the time to discuss with your attorney the risks of taking your case to trial.

Attorneys tend to only report the victories they achieved. This is misleading. Any attorney that considers themselves a trial lawyer, knows that you win and lose cases. No one has a perfect record.

As a personal injury litigation firm, we aren’t afraid to take cases to trial. But, it’s important to understand that litigating cases in court carry a certain amount of risk. So, how do you know when to take your case to trial.

Our firm tried a car accident case in the district court. The client’s medical bills were about $7,000.00. State Farm offered to settle the case for a little more than $11,000.00. In this case, our firm and the client considered the offer low.

So, we filed a lawsuit in the district court for $15,000.00. We filed for $15,000.00 in order to keep the case expenses low and take advantage of an evidence rule that allows us to not have to call a medical doctor as an expert.

Surprisingly, State Farm denied liability after we filed the lawsuit even though they had already made an offer to settle and paid the total loss of our client’s car. These are the “good neighbors” at State Farm.

At court, we prevailed on the liability because State Farm stipulated that the accident was their fault after our firm subpoenaed an independent witness that saw the accident.

During the trial, our client and his wife testified about their experience after the car accident. Our client injured their back, neck, missed work, and was unable to help around the house with their newborn twins for almost two months.

Unfortunately, the judge did not believe that our client was injured that bad. The judge awarded a verdict of a little more than $9,000.00. So, our client actually got less than the settlement offer.

This a risk of taking your case to trial. You could get more, but you can also get less.

Should experiences like this discourage you from taking your case to trial? No. But, you need to understand that there are so many wild cards and unknowns that go along with trying a personal injury case. Sometimes, the decision is easy. Other times, not so much.

Sometimes, the outcome is great! Other times, it is disappointing. Work with your attorney to decide the best course of action for your personal injury case.

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Settlements and mediation Personal Injury Cases

A discussion of settlements and mediation of Personal Injury Law, including self representation, damage estimation, loss of earnings, calculating pain an suffering damages, mediation, torts, etc.


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Jungyeon TWICE injured kick by horse | Idol accident

So bad for Jungyeon who was being kicked by horse

Law of the Jungle : Ep 225: New Caledonia (Byungman, David “Descendant of the Sun”, Joonhyung G.O.D, Han Jaesuk, Yeo Jin, Joo Yup and Jungyeon TWICE)


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Personal Injury Law 101: Louisiana Car Accident Claims

Attorney Parker Layrisson presents a step-by-step guide to car accident personal injury claims in Louisiana. Layrisson explains the David v. Goliath nature of negotiating with auto insurance companies like State Farm, Allstate and GEICO, as well as the 3 Keys to Success required in every case. He also demonstrates how an experienced personal injury attorney can help you maximize your financial recovery and minimize your stress. Finally, he explains how much it costs to hire the right lawyer.

To request a complimentary copy of Parker Layrisson’s Accident Handbook or to speak with him at no cost, visit www.AccidentHandbook.com or call 985-467-9525.

DISCLAIMER: For General Educational Purposes Only, Not Legal Advice; No Attorney-Client Relationship Without Written Agreement; Case Results Not Guaranteed


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Law Enforcement: Profiling & Vehicle Searches, Houston Lawyer

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When a car is stopped by police, a warrantless search of the car is also allowed if the police have probable cause to believe that it contains evidence of a crime, because of the possibilty of the disappearance of the vehicle and destruction of that evidence.
Generally, searches and seizures that are made without a warrant are unconstitutional and invalid. However, there are several exceptions to the warrant requirement that permit warrantless searches, such as the ”automobile exception”. Searches of cars usually take place without a warrant, and as an incident to a lawful arrest of the driver or passenger.
In this second part of a series dealing with traffic stops, Houston, Texas attorney George Parnham discusses vehicle searches and police profiling.


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car crash injuries-worst accidents

the top 10 real deadly, fatal, shock cars hitting people – Hit and Run Human Car Crash –

Human Car Crash – Hit and Run Human Car Crash – Cars slamming into Humans
Top Worst Car Pedestrian Accidents- Pedestrian Car Crash Top Worst Accidents Cars hit people

Top Worst Epic Drivers- Drivers at their top Epic Worst – Drivers the Top Epic Worst

The worst drivers smashing into innocent people who are crossing the road. These drivers are the top worst drivers. These worst top epic drivers think their automatic vehicles are automatically stop if they see danger or are going to hit somebody. These heart-wrenching video show innocent pedestrians getting ran over because of terrible driving skills. Most of these accidents take place in Russia. These accidents caused by totally top epic worst drivers are too difficult to watch. You have one of the worst drivers smashing into a lady and her child. Other bad epic driver hits an old lady. The worst is when a driver crashes into an old man. Two of the worst scenes are when the drivers speed when they see pedestrians crossing the street. What makes it worst is that the pedestrians are crossing on the designated area for them to cross. Although the title of this video is Top Worst Epic Drivers- Drivers at their top Epic Worst – Drivers the Top Epic Worst, nevertheless their are drivers who stop their cars to help the weak, the elderly, and the injured.


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What do Birth Injury Law Firms Do?

Attorney Michael Bereston shares what you may need to know if you suspect your child has suffered an injury at birth. Michael focusses his law practice on medical malpractice and birth injuries. http://www.berestonlaw.com/ Call Michael at (866) 517-4037


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