ALL NEW 2019 Honda CRF450L – FAST Light-weight Twin Sport!

ALL NEW 2019 Honda CRF450L - FAST Lightweight Dual Sport!

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buy motorcycles in Canada – ALL NEW 2019 Honda CRF450L – FAST Lightweight Dual Sport! #Buy #Motorcycles in #Canada

Harley Davidson Fats Bob 114 | Prueba / Check / Assessment en español | motos.web

Harley Davidson Fat Bob 114 | Prueba / Test / Review en español |

Es la Harley más rompedora del catálogo de la marca de Milwakee de este 2018, por su motor más de 1800cc y por aportar un chasis softail en vez del Dyna de la anterior versión. Nuestro probador Paulino Arroyo la probó en un gélido día acompañado por un invitado, Ángel Adán, un joven harlista de 31 años, que rueda con una Sporster Iron. Si queréis ver la prueba a fondo, aquí está el enlace:


buy motorcycles in Canada – Harley Davidson Fat Bob 114 | Prueba / Test / Review en español | #Buy #Motorcycles in #Canada



Join us for the Holy Ghost Congress 2017 Day 4 with the theme “Songs of Victory”. The topic for today is “Victorious Prayer”. Ministering is Pastor E.A Adeboye and other anointed ministers of God.


buy motorcycles in Canada – RCCG 2017 HOLY GHOST CONGRESS DAY 4 EVENING SESSION (VICTORIOUS PRAYERS) _ SONGS OF VICTORY. #Buy #Motorcycles in #Canada

2019 KTM 450SXF ? 2018 KTM 450SXF Manufacturing facility Version – Grime Bike Journal

2019 KTM 450SXF ? 2018 KTM 450SXF Factory Edition - Dirt Bike Magazine

KTM invited us out to their new test facility in Southern California to show us something all new. Their 2018.5 KTM 450SXF featuring an all new chassis, updated radiators, new frame dimensions, new muffler, new exhaust, new triple clamps, new DID rims, Red Bull race inspired graphics and much more. We can’t wait to get our hands on this motorcycle and do some testing to give all our first impressions. Stay tuned to our Youtube channel in the next several weeks to see what we think.

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buy motorcycles in Canada – 2019 KTM 450SXF ? 2018 KTM 450SXF Factory Edition – Dirt Bike Magazine #Buy #Motorcycles in #Canada

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China Cyprus Vatican City Colombia Comoros North Ko Insurance-cars-Motorcycles-buy-sell-Rent-(1251)

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buy motorcycles in Canada – Japana MINUTE SEXYSHOP Gambia Adana HARD VENERE Goi Insurance-cars-Motorcycles-BUY-SHELL-Rent-(378) #Buy #Motorcycles in #Canada

Trailer Lavanila Joshin Weight loss plan Macy 2018 Robertson Ma Insurance coverage-cars-Bikes-BUY-SHELL-Lease-(264)

Trailer Lavanila Joshin Diet Macy 2018 Robertson Ma Insurance-cars-Motorcycles-BUY-SHELL-Rent-(264)

Olaimpika RANOMASINA Esselunga mitazona FANOMEZANA teo MODELY iray isan-kerinandro Tangerang TIME WEB Coach petra-bola Baolina MPIANTOKA …


buy motorcycles in Canada – Trailer Lavanila Joshin Diet Macy 2018 Robertson Ma Insurance-cars-Motorcycles-BUY-SHELL-Rent-(264) #Buy #Motorcycles in #Canada

2018 New Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster

Triumph revealed its new Speedmaster, a modern British cruiser that shares many similarities with the Bonneville Bobber but with more practical versatility. The 2018 Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster is targeted for those who like the Bonneville T120 but want more touring capability and cruiser styling or a Bonneville Bobber but want seating for a passenger.

The new Speedmaster is powered by the same 1200cc High Torque engine and the same tuning as the Bobber, claiming 77 hp at 6100 rpm and 78.2 lb-ft. at 4000 rpm. According to Triumph, the engine produces 10% more horsepower and torque than the Bonneville T120 at 4500 rpm. And for those who are familiar with the old 865cc Speedmaster, the new model and its larger engine claims a 25% increase in peak horsepower and 42% increase in maximum torque output. The chromed stainless steel exhaust system is actually twin-skinned to hide the catalytic converter, and delivers a distinctive exhaust note Triumph describes as being deeper and richer than the Bonneville T120. A ride-by-wire throttle system offers two riding modes, Road and Rain. Cruise control and traction control come as standard.

The chassis is similar to the Bobber’s, with a gloss black powder coated tubular steel twin cradle frame and a hard-tail look. The rear subframe is different, to better support the weight of a passenger. Rider footpegs are mounted farther forward for a cruiser-style riding position while the swept back beach bars make for an easy, comfortable reach.

The wire spoke front wheel sports twin 310mm discs with Brembo twin-piston floating calipers. A single 255mm rotor and single-piston Nissin caliper is paired to the rear wheel. ABS comes standard.

The gaitered 41mm cartridge front fork offers 3.5 inches of travel while the hidden rear shock offers 2.9 inches of travel, which Triumph claims is up to 36% more than similar-styled bikes from other manufacturers. The rear shock is also preload adjustable with multiple stepped settings to improve rider and pillion comfort. Speaking of pillions, the rear seat is removable, and Triumph offers an optional backrest.

Other features include a full LED headlight (with daytime running light in some markets outside North America), LED rear light, LED turn signals, circular instrument nacelle with analog tachometer and LCD digital display, and a torque-assist clutch for reduced clutch lever effort. The fuel tank is larger than the Bobber’s, holding 3.2 gallons of fuel. Triumph claims the Speedmaster gets 65.4 mpg. Triumph also claims a 590 pound dry weight.

The 2018 Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster will arrive in dealerships in February, with three color options: Jet Black, Cranberry Red and a two-tone Fusion White and Phantom Black with twin coach line. Pricing is to be announced.

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buy motorcycles in Canada – 2018 New Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster #Buy #Motorcycles in #Canada