Spectacular Flight in UNITED POLARIS Enterprise Class: 777-300ER Evaluation San Francisco to Frankfurt!

I flew United’s new Polaris cabin for the first time – here’s my full flight experience!

Word of caution: United is cutting many positive aspects of their Polaris service. Read about the negative changes here: http://onemileatatime.boardingarea.com/2018/03/26/united-polaris-service-on-demand/

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My camera gear –
GoPro Hero 6 – Built in stabilizer: http://amzn.to/2oCVGt1
Big camera: http://amzn.to/2lI1mPT
Little camera (for wing views): http://amzn.to/2kZONQ4
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iPhone lens: http://amzn.to/2kClXUX
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Airline: United Airlines, UA
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Reg: N2534U
Flight number: UA58
Airports: San Francisco International Airport to Frankfurt Am Main Airport
Flight dates: 2nd February 2018
Seat: 11L
Route: San Francisco – Frankfurt
Contact for general questions and business inquiries: info(at)dantorpaviation.com

Animations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2qgxV9X3Z4

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43 Replies to “Spectacular Flight in UNITED POLARIS Enterprise Class: 777-300ER Evaluation San Francisco to Frankfurt!”

  1. Thanks for the kind words. Your flight attendant was my mom Riza Dayrit. She's been with UA for over 30 years now and still loves her job. She was exciting when I told her that you posted a video!!

  2. Word of Caution: Do NOT fly United Polaris on their 787 planes! The seats on those are far worse with the 2-2-2 configuration. The service I received reflected United’s cost cutting philosophy (not offering certain amenities unless asked for). The toilet on 787 was annoying as the sensor for the flush keeps firing off every few seconds, for the entire time I was in the toilet.
    I honestly can’t believe how much worse 787 Polaris is compared to the same fare class on 777.

  3. Seems like United really wants to salvage their reputation, at least with their new business class. I've heard the economy section of their new 777-300ERs is beyond awful, and their old 777-200ERs actually have a better economy seat (their older 777s are 9 across, while their 300ERs are 10 across).

  4. Not the most reusable? Haha I've repurposed a cardboard eyeglasses box as an organizer for my odds and ends! I even cut slits in one side to hold my charger cables for my iPhone and Apple Watch. Just get creative and make it your own little assistant! And, hey, it's a METAL box compared to my cardboard box!

  5. You didnt mention how much you paid for the ticket and how much was the difference with economy class. Yesterday i flew economy on UA and it was horrible, the girl next to me was all the trip long with her fucking apple computer open and that bright screen making me going blind. Horrible experience.

  6. Great job on this! I like that you didn't spend 10 minutes on the menu and food. It always changes. The bedding tips were valuable. I leave for Singapore next week on the United 787-9. They have not been retrofitted with the 1-2-1 config so they are definitely not private. The upside is that there are more seats available in Business Class, making upgrade opportunities better. I flew the ANA 777-300 last November and it looked very similar to this. The service was impeccable. I would love to hear from you on what the United crew kerfuffle was. I had a horrific one a couple of years back, instigated by asking politely if they could reset the seat power. What commenced from there was probably the most insulting experience of my life. I am a 1K and a 1 Million Mile Flyer that should hit 2 million in a few more years. That made no difference to this nasty crew. Cheers to you and keep up the good work!

  7. I have flown on just about every class on every plane for United out of their hub in Newark and I have always had a good experience flying with United. Some experiences were better than others, mostly the business/first class flights, but I haven't had a bad experience with United. I know thats not the case for others, but as a person who enjoys flying for the sake of flying, I chose to disregard any preconceptions or stories and treat every flight as a new experience and judge the flight solely on what I experience and on its merits alone, not on what I have heard or seen about the airline.

  8. Hubby and I upgraded to business class on United for our flight to Athens from Sacramento and return from Thailand, as part of a cruise vacay. Don't know which aircraft we will be using (part way is Lufthansa) but this looks awesome! Do all these in flight goodies come with the $6k upgrade we paid?

  9. This is not a fluke; I flown United Polaris First four times and never had a issue with the crew. One flight was delayed due to a technical issue, the crew kept me informed as what was happening, what is being waited on (parts, engineer, base, etc.); even their ENGINEER came over to me and told me what he needed to fix and how long it should take, but keep in mind that I never ONCE touched my call button! On the overnight flight I took, the attendant prepared the bedding while I went to the lav after the meal service, when I got back to the seat, I laid down and the attendant said "Goodnight" as she TUCKED ME IN!

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