Snow Planes in Tetonia, Idaho 2016

Jack and I went to watch the snow plane rally in Tetonia the weeknd of January 23, 2016.

Snow planes pre-date the modern snowmobile, and snow cats. These little ground bound planes were used for many years as a way to access the back country during the winter. This little rally in Tetonia is an annual event held by a group of local snow plane enthusiasts. Most of these were powered by Lycoming aircraft engines, but there were a couple sporting the ubiquitous small block Chevy, with a smattering of other aircraft engines. Nearly all of them are home built. The bodies are typically tubular steel covered with airplane fabric. there were a couple that were aluminum skinned. Some demonstrate quite a bit of ingenuity. All in all, they are neat little machines and a fun reminder of a nearly bygone era. They looked fun enough, I almost want to build one! Jack even managed to get a ride in one.


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