San Francisco series. Parking getting your car towed

In this video I talk about getting your car towed in San Francisco. One thing that really sucks about this amazing city is getting your car towed. Happens to so many tourists they go park in the Marina they park in front of some old dirty garage. Go walk around the marina for a few hours and come back and discover that their car has been towed. Now they must take a taxi or Uber to the San Francisco tow yard or better known as auto return. From here Time to fork over money for the tow.

City of San Francisco makes millions and millions of dollars every year of parking enforcement. So many people come to the city and lose their car. For example let’s say you park on a Friday and go out of town for two days on Monday you get possibly oh up wards I thousand dollars in fines to the city of San Francisco.
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Filmed using iPhone 6s back camera 4k resolution
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