RYC Swamp Buggies Mud Trucks 2015

Some of the finest ladies and gents were found during the golden hour at the Redneck Yacht Club Mud Park. We parked near the main stage after we drove around to find out all of the mud holes were closing down for the night. Staying on one spot let us steady the camera and zoom in close for a better look at these amazing trucks swamp buggies and other cool off road vehicles. Video produced by www.primecutpro.com


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9 Replies to “RYC Swamp Buggies Mud Trucks 2015”

  1. They call themselves Rednecks… jacked up 4×4 trucks playing in the mud, boots, Wranglers and confederate flags all over the place yet all you can hear is that stupid ass jungle bunny hip hop/rap shit ass music!!! Disgraceful to true Rednecks everywhere!!

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