Russian Bear Exhibits Off His Superb Tips

Russian Bear Shows Off His Amazing Tricks

This brown bear does some incredible tricks. He can wave, play the trumpet, sit in a chair, dance, jump, and hula hoop better than most people. Meanwhile in Russia. ✔SUBSCRIBE ✔FACEBOOK ✔TWITTER

Автор: Pavel Vyakin

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45 Comments to Russian Bear Exhibits Off His Superb Tips

  1. Don't be fooled….In front of the cameras and crowds these bears perform well, but what happens to performing bears behind the scenes? They suffer greatly No wild bear would perform without being forced to with beatings, starvation and many other horrendous cruelties. This has to stop. Please don't support this kind of cruelty.

  2. barad says:

    SO CUTE!!!!!!!

  3. The bear's name is Dimitri? Should have named him Medvedev (bear).😁😁

  4. Wendy Warren says:

    This is so very disturbing… what is gon happen to this poor creature when it does what it has learned over for ever to fear humans… and it mauls the human?!?!? It’s got to be euthanized! What a tragedy! Poor beautiful creature! 😓

  5. Komrade Blin says:

    331 foolish amerikanz dislike

  6. Diba G says:

    Yesterday my Russian friend introduced Timka 🐻🎺 in a 4th post where he was promoting world cup in Russian street

  7. Al Hagen says:

    Que oso tan espectacular!!!!

  8. what an absolute unit

  9. Hes clearly speaking spanish, not russian

  10. All our crappy American bears do is steal food and maul people.

  11. Imagine that bear is holding a vodka, wearing ushanka and squating like a true slav😍

  12. this bear should learn to dance,

  13. Sarah Smith says:

    Is this the same bear from Tale of Tales?

  14. Dont Know says:

    So is this how Russia won against Nazi Germany?

  15. Bulink says:

    This bear is smarter than Indians

  16. stoagymahalo says:

    Ha, just seen him in Tales of Tales movie hahah

  17. that is so fuuny videos

  18. This has been Bear Etiquette with Boris…

  19. Here's our Russia, I love her and am proud of my country. The enemy will not pass and the victory will be ours. Even our Russian bears don't give up. My beloved Russia is a great and mighty country.

  20. I'm American and our Grizzly Bears are so aggressive that they will still try to maul you no matter what you do.

  21. That's great! I'm suprised that plastic chair is strong enough!

  22. José says:

    Un ruso que habla español jaja

  23. After watching this I want to meet a bear 😊😊

  24. Pooter Jones says:

    I can't even hula hoop…

  25. K-man says:


  26. Saw bear dance in movie… look up damcing bear… find same bear… impressed

  27. They are in the movie tales of tales

  28. That bear is AWESOME!  But he's still a bear ROOOARRRR  I have to respect him from a distance… Russians can be brave, because they're are used to going head first into battle, unless they are shot by their own officers for stepping back during battle.  This is not an insult, I have nothing against Russia, it's just an observation..  A bear is still a bear, is my point!  Russians are brave because they know no better!

  29. majedeeh says:

    Did he introduce himself in Spanish? Or was that actually Russian?

  30. Lucky to have such a genius bear
    I couldn't even train my dog

  31. FelJaz says:

    isn't that Spanish?

  32. I'm Bain says:

    The dog is spy from germany

  33. Zippo404 says:

    In Russia bears sell humans vodka

  34. L lawliet says:

    Eu quero um urso

  35. vba says:

    its a man in a costume dont be stupid…

  36. this bear can do things better than i do…. thanks to indian education system

  37. Prithvi raj says:

    That chair is made in russia too.

  38. this bear face is a dog just look its cute

  39. JDoactive says:

    In Soviet Russia,
    Bears = Dogs
    but Dogs = some pet with no use

  40. Buildbanner says:

    Bear's nickname is Dima, which is short for Dimitri

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