Russian Bear Exhibits Off His Superb Tips

This brown bear does some incredible tricks. He can wave, play the trumpet, sit in a chair, dance, jump, and hula hoop better than most people. Meanwhile in Russia. ✔SUBSCRIBE ✔FACEBOOK ✔TWITTER

Автор: Pavel Vyakin

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45 Replies to “Russian Bear Exhibits Off His Superb Tips”

  1. This is so very disturbing… what is gon happen to this poor creature when it does what it has learned over for ever to fear humans… and it mauls the human?!?!? It’s got to be euthanized! What a tragedy! Poor beautiful creature! ?

  2. That bear is AWESOME!  But he's still a bear ROOOARRRR  I have to respect him from a distance… Russians can be brave, because they're are used to going head first into battle, unless they are shot by their own officers for stepping back during battle.  This is not an insult, I have nothing against Russia, it's just an observation..  A bear is still a bear, is my point!  Russians are brave because they know no better!

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