PRO RMK 800 vs Skidoo Freestyle 300

Ok so we did a little test last week out riding. I wanted to see how he does on each sled. So many people just say put the kids on a full size sled and they will be fine. Yes you are right he can ride the PRO but the Freestyle is smaller, lighter, narrower ski stance, & a shorter track. All this makes that sled much easier for him to ride and have a more enjoyable day. It doesn’t wear him out as fast and he has much more confidence and control of a smaller sled. This was taken a week before he turned 11.

He said the PRO is too heavy. Arguably the lightest production sled on the market is too heavy. I like that Polaris Arctic Cat and Yamaha are at least thinking about the kids. That is fantastic. I’ve been begging for this for 9 years or more. Skidoo built something that was pretty awesome for the kids with a better track for the mountains. I was sad when they quit building them.

I’m still waiting for Arctic Cat and Yamaha to put out a weight of their new sled. I don’t get it. I’m also still waiting for footage of the kids riding one in the mountains too. Potential is high but with little to no footage of kids actually riding this there are so many people still on the fence about making the purchase. Come on guys let him ride it and show you what it can do. If it’s awesome he will show so many others to jump on the snowcheck option and get it coming. If not we won’t say anything. Deal?


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