Powlandia - The Snowmobile Movie

Snowmobiling is the ultimate adventure, bringing us together on a mission to find the most exclusive powder on the planet. We’ve gone from trying to find those perfect zones on skis or snowboards to racking up miles of endless pow on the snowmobile, sometimes stopping to scout the best pow surf line.

Energy in the parking lot is high not knowing what the day’s adventure will bring. While there are some days we are strictly on a mission to log miles through Heaven, other days we set out in search of ultimate lines, only attainable by the power of the beast.

Regardless of what we’re up to, you can guarantee a break for lighting up a fire and grilling some brats. Still early in our adventure, it’s already another “best day ever”.

Nothing better than being able to access limitless, untouched terrain with the push of your thumb.

There’s always a risk when we set out to find the ultimate powder field.

Are we going to make it out unharmed?

Will our machines make it out of the woods?

No mission comes without teamwork as over the years we’ve managed to break down or blow up a sled a time or two. Even though these misfortunes make for long days, and sometimes even cold nights, we can remember pulling out a sled together for years to come. At the end of the day these moments are worth it. Never a dull moment in Powlandia…

-Hunter Schleper
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