No More Money?? Bankruptcy is Crazy! My Story

Hi Everyone. please open for more of an explanation

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The past two-three videos are a lot different then normal. which i will be going back to the regular scheduled programs ( Makeup)

i just wanted to make some videos that possibly all of you can relate too. i do not want to be singled to one section (i am an OPEN BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE)

Bankruptcy lasts 7-10 years on your credit report.. my lawyer said 7 but some will say 10. a judgement is on your credit report indefinitely for 10 years and you are VERY VERY limited to what loan you could be eligible for, if any. with a bankruptcy on your report, its a bit different, because their are so many people filing a lot of the loan companies do not mind yet hike up the interest of my good friends’ whom filed a year before me, just got approved for her first car all by herself being signed.

a home loan is a bit different. my lawyer recommended to wait a couple years and to go to a certified place that will accept previous bankruptcy (bankruptcy approved), which most( 90-98%) banks do.

she also explained, to get a secured credit card or unsecured credit card that has a low limit ($300 or so) and MAKE SURE to pay it off before the due date. if i cannot afford it, DO NOT get it.

how much do i plan on putting a way a month? well that depends. my schedule is like this

first week of the month(7th): Car insurance( $189)
Second week (18th): Car note ($325.87)

third and fourth week (depending what i put a way during the first two weeks) will be half of my pay check..

Gas: my car is a eco friendly vehicle, she gets 389-400miles til empty. and it takes 74 miles to get to my job depending on traffic.. so ultimately i will be filling her up every week(1 1/2 week).. = $45

its all common sense but when you hear it from someone whom is higher and knows what to do, it all comes together.

i NEVER want to go thru this again.

FYI: i am NOT a lawyer. or financial expert.

anyways, i appreciate the love! xoxo

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