Newmar New Aire – First Impression: Area & High quality

We’ve been happy owners of a 43′ Newmar Mountain Aire for 13 years, but we often talk about downsizing. So when we heard about the 2018 Newmar New Aire, we were eager to check it out!

Can we get the quality we’re used to AND have enough space for full-time RVing in a considerably smaller package? We give your our first impressions of New Aire’s quality, size & space and even a few of its available features in this short video.

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48 Replies to “Newmar New Aire – First Impression: Area & High quality”

  1. A short Class C is the biggest I would buy. So much more easy to get around and more places to go. And cheaper to use. And cozier imo. ….dreaming of a Lazy Daze out of California. I think I would go for the 24' Twin King Bed.

  2. Such a simple idea of those suicide doors yet makes a HUGE difference! You're not the only one looking around dealers forecourts at the moment. I've been looking (to possibly down size myself so I can get a smaller tow car) But I can't find anything that compares to what I have already……

  3. From what I could tell it sounds like u have had your rig for 13 years and r still upside down on it? It would be interesting to hear about how to make full time RV living more financially feasible, if u haven’t already done so. Or maybe you’re not looking at it from that perspective. Thank you.

  4. You seem to like those bay doors allot. If you could figure out a way to convert your lifting bay doors (hinged at the top) to swing out, you could save you allot of $$ on that brand new coach! Would make a great video too.

  5. I'm a class B guy myself. Access to the most possible destinations, especially national parks, is my top priority which pretty much dictates a class B. That said, I do love Newmar class A coaches. They do it best and at a fair price.

  6. I have seen the NewMar New Aire. What do you think about the Tiffin Allegro Breeze? From what I have been told the market for small diesel pushers is getting more and more popular. Maybe you could do a comparison of the two. Your videos have been truly helpful in our search of a forever coach.

  7. Hey Geeks! I was at the local Newmar dealer yesterday and low and behold I was told that it looks like the Dutch Star 37 is going away and the Newaire line will pick up the 35-37 ft. range. Should know about May 11th according to the sales guy….

  8. Geez, John and Peter, you SHOULD be paid by Newmar. You pretty much sold me on a New Aire for our next coach. We, too, are in a 43' DP, and my wife has been dismayed by the number of places we CANNOT go because of our size. Thank you for the video, for sharing your thoughts. If you come East, keep in mind that we have plenty of room to entertain you for a few days. 🙂

    Ps. How deep are the slides? Is there MUCH less room in travel mode than when parked, leveled, and slides fully extended? Presently our slides are so deep that our RV is hardly usable when in travel mode. Our next one needed slides that are less deep and the RV more usable when the slides are not extended. Thanks for any thoughts you have. 🙂

  9. I liked the idea of this model very much, but as it's been pointed out to me during my RV search, that the bed and dinner table are on the wrong side. The drivers side is the closest you'll be to your neighbors in most parks. They may like staying up late and may be a bit noisy. In addition if your work from your RV and use the table for this having a bunch of noisy children outside your window may be a bit distracting. Don't understand why this isn't taken into consideration during the planning stages. Everything else looked fantastic but layout, I'm learning, is important.

  10. You should do a video on weighing your RV! How to use the scales, adjusting tire pressures according to mfr specs, etc.

    It could be class A-B-C specific, but maybe do a collaboration with someone with a TT like Long Long Honeymoon?

  11. Hey Geeks: Just go t some more news on the Newaire – a third floor plan will be available for 2019 with the couch on the passenger side and a dinette (table and chairs) on the drivers side. Makes it much easier to traverse when the slides are closed for travel.

  12. Anyone interested should start looking in Florida where the (hate to say it) but the older folks that can afford the newer rigs die and are for sale. That is where we will look when we step it up for sure.

  13. hi guys…after watching this I was dead set on a 40 ft coach…but after talking more I am considering a little smaller ( like 2 to 4 ft) LOL. We will be FT in about 5 yrs so researching now. My question is would you still have diesel or gas? Also I was pretty set on Tiffins. Any thoughts on that?

  14. I have a 2005 Newmar and love looking at new coaches as well. If nothing else, it helps provide ideas on possible updates we can make to our coach. We noticed the overhead cabinets in the slides didn't have as much internal height. The sales rep explained they added insulation to the roof area so when the slide is out there isn't as much heat exchange (on or out). We do find our slides are a bit colder when we have the heat on. The one thing that Newmar has been adding to the new coaches is the emergency escape door in the rear bath/bed area. We have the small window and a door is a much safer and easier method for escaping should the need arise. We looked at a Ventana at a show this past winter that had the door right in the bedroom and if you opened it there was a drop down ladder. I think this is an excellent feature and am glad to see them thinking this way in their designs. It greatly exceeds the mandated requirements. Newmar also has a video on their web site that explains the new chassis design that provides the increased height you mention in the video.

  15. great video as per usual guys. as a couple who is considering either a class c or small class a this is good info…. I think we ran past you guys once at Tapodeira while visiting our friends there. cheers….keep up the good work!

  16. I've owned a New Aire since October and have spent a couple months in it so far. I thought you might be interested in my observations and videos but I don't want to publicly plug that in your channel … is there a way I can privately share that with you?
    Thanks for all your videos!

  17. I really enjoy your methodical and experienced considerations you put into every video. If you self-publish a book on Amazon, let your fans know. Deal?

  18. Great review! I'm looking for a smaller rv. I love the 2 floorplans.
    More floorplans wouldn't hurt.
    But NO to longer lengths. Newaire are for people that want shorter so you'll be allowed into National Parks and easier parking. There are a ton of larger rv already. If anything I'd like to see a sub 30 foot.

  19. Love your videos. Do you think a superslide (the long ones) compromise vehicle integrity are are they as structurally sound as vehicles with shorter slides?

  20. You have very interesting points of view, I agree on those statements about size. I got a Ventana 34 feet, 2018; after 7 months we have experience exactly what you excellent video talks about. Mine is not as luxury as New Aire, but size-wise is very similar. Quality, design, driveablity, service, comfort, just great. Thanks guys.

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