Most Wonderful Truck Driving Expertise Compilation #1

Most Amazing Truck Driving Skills Compilation #1

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16 Comments to Most Wonderful Truck Driving Expertise Compilation #1

  1. stein1385 says:

    3:22 The no fucks given approach

  2. That thumbnail was so gud

  3. That was crazy insane awesome video

  4. Super Shy says:

    thumbnail looks so graphic wow…

  5. smclaguna says:

    Yeah but howabout that one part. Where the truck. Drove through some water. Whaaaaaaaat? Nice click bait.

  6. don't killnyournself

  7. spintires all over again

  8. Codie McLeod says:

    4:10 must be the quietest truck i have ever heard (or not hear)

  9. imlevi says:

    felt like i watched the same video over and over again

  10. Music_Master says:

    Lol great photo shopping

  11. Yo siempre he pensado que si se moja el motor, el vehículo no funciona más….hasta que ví este video… es increíble, choferes asombrosos!!!!!

  12. I liked the part where the truck drove through the water.

  13. John Davis says:

    I admit it…i came here for the thumbnail.

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