McLaren 620R Nürburgring: UNBELIEVABLY Good!!!!

I wanted to do a sit down video in front of the car explaining it for you guys today however the Apex team couldn’t pry me out of the driver seat. This video is of my fifth lap in the car and as you can see I immediately fell in love with it. This car has quickly moved right into first position in my fleet. I can’t stress enough how much fun I had and how this very well could be the best car I’ve ever driven on the Nürburgring. Sure the GT2 may be faster, but this engages the driver in a whole new way!

Many of you have asked what the purpose of this car is and I am seeing it as my private taxi! That means you can book a lap in this car but only with me driving and only on the days that I’m there. In our booking platform you can already see some dates for August 🙂

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