KTM 790 DUKE Launch 2018 – #2sharp? | KTM

KTM 790 DUKE Launch 2018 - #2sharp? | KTM

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39 Comments to KTM 790 DUKE Launch 2018 – #2sharp? | KTM

  1. Akash Tyagi says:

    I think i have one KTM 790……….

  2. Bring it to India and it's gonna set fire

  3. not a good looking bike

  4. Zzcz Zczzc says:

    Yay I booked this one

    Yesterday in my dream😖

  5. dhruv dagar says:

    Will there ever be an rc790? Plz answer ktm

  6. Read more says:

    Where's my boy Jason Statham from 44teeth??

  7. raghu ram says:

    Man, Duke790 is probably the best desgin that KTM have had ever made. .Love from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  8. When is rc 790 comming i wanna bY it.

  9. AlphaJay says:

    The 790 Prototype looked way better than the final product

  10. Sean Dring says:

    Made almost made it to 2 minutes but lost interest. Glad the media got shouted a free trip where they all agreed its a great bike (of course). But what would they really say, if they weren't on free junket paid for by your customers. Same old tired advertising.

  11. Asad S says:

    I dont really understand KTM. They make the RC8 but discontinue it citing its not safe for roads then they launch a 1290 bonkers machine. Not sure what their philosophy is.

  12. When rc125 launch India

  13. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  14. bike looks shit . If iam investing in a super sport in india which has no roads to utilize all the power then atleast i should get a bike that looks good unlike any other duke on the road .

  15. Gtknoob says:

    Haha, my radiator fan died this 24th march, 17, and, "the part will only be available after 10th April, 17", said the KTM service centre. 🤣🤣 after 2 and half almost years & 27k km the fan finally dies.😌

  16. Adithya saji says:

    The only let down as per my opinion is that it should have had a belly pan , something aggressive. I feel its too blank down below for a bike that looks very sharp at the top.

  17. Raj Selani says:

    Without abs what the f*** man🤢

  18. Soo Deep says:

    Ktmrc790 also be made

  19. vivek singh says:

    Please bring it to India😍😍😍😍😍

  20. No under tail exhaust… disgusting

  21. Waiting for the Husqvarna version ………790 VITPILEN

  22. Sachs Husam says:

    Aha… journalists from Moto Geo

  23. 10fantic says:

    From scalpel to butterknife.

  24. RISING MEDIA says:

    Does it come to india

  25. Sagar Das says:

    Please KTM, give ABS on RC 200

  26. start importing to canada now dudes

  27. Laceeka82 says:

    what a surprise. In a KTM vid everybody recommended to buy the bike XD XD


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