Jawga Boyz - Rollin Like A Redneck (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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LYRICS below!
Hop in the truck, come on lets roll
just bought a case of beer now we heading for a mud hole.
Kuntry boyz, and we do it right got the bill of my hat pointing strait to the sky.
Carhartt and wranglers on, bass pro hat camouflage on my phone,
got the browning decal on the back right next to a G what you know about that?
Kuntry, and thats how we live if you got moonshine then I’m taking a sip
Some folks call me a redneck, I smile and take it as a complement.
I live life the only way I know how, walk with a swagger and rep the south,
and if you see me as I’m riding thru the crowd, I’m hanging out the window screaming it loud.

Yea buddy, rollin like a redneck
Trucks jacked up, I got smoke stacks
Nutz, hanging off the hitch and a system in the back
that’ll make your nose itch.
Yea I’m living that right
And I’m riding that tight.
Son I’m riding so tight that my tires sound like a damn bulldog bite!

Yea my tires sound like a damn bulldog bite
waking people up as I ride thru at night.
And don’t forget about the skyjacker lift kit
How you think I made the 44s fit?
Don’t you know we aint playing around
6 12’s in the back helping out with the sound.
And I got a train horn if you too slow
speed up or I’m letting it blow.
If you riding too close from behind
I got spot lights that will turn you blind,
Yea, so back off you don’t want none
hangin on the back glass aint a bb gun fool
Who’d you think you we’re messing with?
These kuntry boyz they aint no myth
And if you see me as I’m riding thru the crowd
I’m hangin out the window screaming it loud!

OK, we bout to wrap it up
you know that we kuntry and that we tough
You know that we hunt, you know that we fish
you know when we see a buck we don’t miss
You know that we love, to play in the mud,
and when we get trucks we jack them up
And when we get stuck we don’t get mad.
We drop the tailgate and have a party in the back!
Thats right, we live so tight
open the cooler and grab you a bud light.
I’m talking to errr damn body
meet me at the mud hole 6:00 friday
If you down to have you a good time
you better show up fool I aint lyin


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