Insurance Scam Attempt Fail Compilation ?

Here’s fail compilation channel full of interesting, exсiting and funny events, fails, faults and car crash. Best fun moments from all over the world in one short …


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40 Replies to “Insurance Scam Attempt Fail Compilation ?”

  1. I would probably run them over if it was a dark highway where there is hardly any traffic, I would feel zero sympathies if they try to pull scam such as running into my car or make an attempt but at the same time if there are people watching in the city, I would still get into trouble even though it clearly wasn't my intention to run them over so. I would just run them over make sure they do not stay alive because there is small chance they might remember my license plate

  2. It's so easy if they break ur window or break anything just say I am so sorry and act like u hit them and call the police and tell them that they broke something in car so can't hear u

  3. So, what's the point in jumping out in front of a moving vehicle? Is it so they can collect on some kind of insurance payout from the drivers insurance company?? If that is the case, wouldn't the payout depend upon what level of insurance the driver has? If a driver had a policy of say $25,000 bodily injury max that would pay out, wouldn't that money only apply to their hospital bills? Like, they just don't up and get a ton of money in a check do they??

    Either way, these people are absurd.

  4. I feel like some of these are sucide attempts and also suspect some of the individuals that jumped in front of the cars died…… you can clearly see some of the vehicles bounce as if they were driving over a speed bump.

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