Indiana Man’s Wonderful Tractors & Farm Vans Assortment

Indiana Man's Amazing Tractors & Farm Trucks Collection

Machinery Pete video walk through with Joe Swindell of Wilkinson, IN seeing his amazing collection of low hour tractors, Oliver tractors, a John Deere 4440 tractor with only 788 hours and Joe’s collection of very low mile old farm trucks


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21 Comments to Indiana Man’s Wonderful Tractors & Farm Vans Assortment

  1. I enjoyed this video on Olivers also. I grew up on a small dairy farm in N/W Ala and my father bought a new Super 55 in the early spring of 1955. It had some bugs because it was a first run , the clutch was too stiff, the lift had several problems early on, the steering was too weak in the drag arms the front axel was weak. Oliver caught these bugs and cleared them up and we litterly wore the tractor out pulling silage choppers over the next 10 years. Many times has the motor been torn down and rings put on the pistons, we did most of the work in the latter years because the dealer died and no one picked up the deallership in our area. Oliver was great in allowing us to order parts directly from the warehouse in Memphis. Been there many times to pick-up parts for dad and friends that had Olivers. White managed to ruin a great company and product.

  2. Some friends of mine have a John Deere 4430 with 1100 original hours and a 4630 with 1300 original hours

  3. R B says:

    I need a tax free hobby

  4. I have met them people and they are good people!!

  5. Jake 678 says:

    Hey I have a 4440 johndeere too!!

  6. CRM6718 says:

    Nice trucks!!!!

  7. bill swift says:

    lol me and my dad know this guy

  8. mrbluenun says:

    Hi Pete,

    Anyone coming across this must at least take a view at this wonderful collection, a must see!

    This is a superb collection, and I know most UK farmers wouldn’t be able to afford the shed to house them apart from the tractors themselves!

    The father certainly knows the right people and asks the right questions at the right moment and from what I seem to green, lives in the centre of his ‘buying range’ and with great knowledge and judgement has put together a wonderful collection of tractors and trucks with almost unbelievably short running hours, just amazing.

  9. I'd love to have your job! Doing this would be like heaven! Love seeing your videos, and keep them coming!!! Thanks for sharing!

  10. lazy j1001 says:

    my grand father has a 52 ford retractible with 2512 miles on it

  11. Dylan Delong says:

    love me some olivers! They have one nice collection. Did you happen to catch the model the FWA was that is in-front of the 4440 did you? I know it it a 2050 or 2150 but not sure witch one..

  12. 52komatsu says:

    What was the year on the 4440?

  13. MFV8 says:

    It would've been nice to hear the story of that MF 1155.

  14. Clint Walton says:

    That is awesome , I always like a family working together . Thanks for the video !

  15. Thankyou for this video, it was awesome.  We have kept our family equipment from years ago.  Our prize is my grandfathers JD 40.  We use it quite a bit around the farm.

  16. Keithohsc says:

    Really amazing collection needing to be turned into a museum like the Smithsonian Museum like so many other highly valuable undiscovered pieces of agriculture and farming itself history in preserving it for generations to come as extra awesome reminders on how it evolved into today's technological advances.

  17. Erik says:

    Thank you for this amazing video Pete !

  18. C&J FARMS says:

    is that a cockshutt 428 combine at 15:12 behind all the tires?

  19. C&J FARMS says:

    love the 35888! And the ollies

  20. jay bradley says:

    I could walk around in there for hours!

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