In Win Polaris Fan Video

Polaris is after the brightest star in the Ursa Minor constellation, AKA: the North Star. Capturing this celestial spirit and In Win’s motto: “Contemporary & Innovative “, our designers fuse the concepts to establish our Polaris case fans. The embedded LEDs in the center of the fan creates a beautiful radiant display.


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6 Comments to In Win Polaris Fan Video

  1. AZAZEL MILLZ says:

    NICE great job In win these look even better than the Phantek new Halo fans

  2. NGEN-PCs says:

    So excited for these! The perfect fit for my Tou 2.0 build 😀

  3. Skyward CSGO says:

    same here, would love to know when these would be available

  4. How do you daisy chain them together? and what's the length of the included connector

  5. YomstaNation says:

    Those aluminum ones are holy shit fuck me sexy

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