I Want My Tesla Had These 5 Options

I talk about top 5 features that I wish my Tesla Model S had with hopes that by the time my lease is over and I’m ready to buy another Tesla Elon Musk will make it happen for all of us 🙂

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49 Replies to “I Want My Tesla Had These 5 Options”

  1. I agree with the your Phone integration & voice control. I am 100% for everything Google/Android (some prefer Apple). On the M3, I would like left 1/3rd to have Mirror fold toggle touch points for going in & out of garage. Also set stop point when entering garage much like G/Y/R devices.Also put next turn arrow/distance in left 3rd along with date/time and todays appointments. Fix LTE connection as my M3 takes 10 to 30 minutes before I can use voice command and stream. There are more, but this is a good start.

  2. I wanna see an option to get rid off that bulgy chrome trim. Like almost any other manufacturer offers. Since chromedelete and window tint seems like the number one aftermarket customization i don't understand why this is not an standard option yet.

  3. Jaguar I-Pace has all 5 things on your list… and a few other cool features, like color Head Up Display, and Heated and Cooled front seats… And can go real off roading, better sound system, more comfortable seats, parks in a smaller space… Hmm…. Tough choice…

  4. Hello, how about vertual side mirrors. Semi translucent, along the lines of a heads up display. Using color tones to supplement safe to move (left or right) or not

  5. Ventilated seats and fully adjustable, for example inflatable side back bolster, knee support, double backrest like in some BMW etc..

    And 4wd diffs (electronic). Model x would e a nice offroader with that power and locks

  6. What I want is a Tesla outfitted by a Alphabet Agency , with Full Armor Level 7 and Quad Motors, .50 cal guns foreward set at 50 meters, Bullet proof Run Flat tires, Panoramic windshield but Solid Roof, smoke, chaff, flares dispencer REAR, micro APU range extender with 1000 mile range and 3000 Kwh battery also 1000 Mile range, 360 *HD camera system and AESA/PESA radar with SAR, Electronic Countermeasures and Counter Counter Measures, 20mm Phallinx system with 1000 rounds of CWIS, 40mm Auto GL foreward, FLIR infrared and IR nightvision. ejection seats OPTIONAL.

  7. I get the mirror sensor, but I don't think it's necessary. The driver's test here doesn't even require you to look at your side mirrors (and I actually don't even think they're required on cars here, but I forget now). Just glance in your blindspot and done, you shouldn't even notice a light on your mirror if you're doing it right, rendering it useless.

  8. Totally agree about the Frunk. In its current state, it feels like you are practically denting the hood when closing and you have to watch where, and how much you apply pressure. I hope the Tesla engineers are listening to you on this "front".

  9. – Apple Carplay
    – Door pockets in S 🙂
    – Some kind of night vision aid (other luxury cars have it for more than a decade)
    – multibeam LED lights that only dim the part where there's opposing traffic, not the whole light (you can have that in a VW eGolf!)
    – washers for LED lights – otherwise the LEDs get crippled in Europe
    – CCS
    – a row of configurable quick access buttons that can be configured to any funktion (make it on screen if you can't make real buttons)
    – 360 view
    – blind spot warning
    – more reliable AEB

  10. I'm still on my first Tesla Model S since I purchased it 04/2014. Several of the features I wish mine had have already been added such as smart cruise and improved seats and all wheel drive. My wife would like adjustable shoulder belt height mounts. I look forward to reliable AutoPilot when I get my next Model S. A small Thorium reactor to constantly recharge the battery would be great!

  11. I have a feeling that bonnets have a safety regulation requiring a manual release and double latch so there’s no chance of it going up while you’re driving (thus blocking the forward view)

  12. Oh and my number one wish is CCS-2 charging port. (Add the dc port to the normal Tesla type 2 port…) but that would require redesigning the taillight too.

  13. Features I'd like to see added to the Model S/X/3 are:
    1) Parked Vehicle Flow Through Ventilation – When I turn-on the air conditioning from the app, where the temperature inside the car is very high, it takes a long time for the car to cool down in hot climates. Would like the car to the car to turn-on the fan bringing in outside air, without the compressor being on, to cool the car down to nearly the outside temperature. Then, turn on the AC compressor & start cooling the car in recirculate mode. This would be much more energy efficient than, just turning-on the fan & AC compressor at the same time, without expelling as much of the hot air that has built inside a park car. If fact, while the car is parked, it would be nice if the fan would start bringing outside air in to keep the car's inside temperature from getting extremely high, where the temperature level to turn-on the fan is configurable from the phone app, as well as, within the car. I know that existing software has an "Cabin Overheat Protection" feature, but it's temperature setting is not configurable & it doesn't attempt to lower the temperature by bringing-in outside air before turning-on the AC compressor. Maybe even add a small solar cell on the roof large enough to only power the fan, so that energy isn't needed from the battery.

    2) Roll-Down All Windows & FULLY Open Sunroof to Expel Heat – Would like to be able to roll down all windows & FULLY open the sunroof from the app & key fob to let out the extreme heat that has built up in the car. Then, after a few minutes, close everything & begin air conditioning. This will be much more energy efficient & quickly lower the inside temperature, reducing the time needed to cool the inside of the car. My old Acura had this capability from the key fob & I always used it while walking up the car in the summer. Then, once inside the car turned-on the AC & closed everything. The car cooled in less that half the time, just by simply opening all the windows & roof while walking up to the car. Would be even better if I could do that from the Tesla app, as as well as, the key fob! Even better if it could be initiated to automatically do both operations; e.g. roll-down all the windows & roof to expel all the hot air; then, start the AC & close everything.

    3) Heat Pump Operation in the Winter – Instead of using the high voltage/wattage heat strip to heat the car occupants & battery, use the existing AC compressor as a heat pump in the winter. This could save a large amount of range loss in winter months, especially when the outside air temperature is well above freezing. Many other EV manufacturers already use heat pumps in the winter. Of course, when the outside temperature is below the efficiency level of heat pump operation, fall back to the normal high voltage heat strip. Certainly, Tesla engineers can manage implementing a simple heat pump.

  14. I also like what you wish for but the one thing that I haven't read anyone mentioned is, I wish to have a roof grab handle in my Tesla Model 3. It will help my wife greatly in getting on and off the car, and to hold on it when she feels I'm over speeding. And I could also use to hold on to it when I clean the roof of my car.

  15. Pre-Emergency Brake Warning Lights. There is tech, that notices the speed of your foot releasing the throttle (IIRC mandatory in Israel) and starts blinking the brake lights. Tesla could add this and also turn up regen braking to eleven as soon as you touch the brake pedal. (We don't want to take away the extra warning time for the car following).

  16. BMW and others have all the features you mentioned, however, I would add Blind Spot Indicators and side mirror info should be part of the HUD display. A futuristic car must have an advanced HUD display. Frankly, Tesla is missing a lot of features available in upscale vehicles today.

  17. Alex: The things I really miss are
    1. Traffic sign/Speed limit recognition! In Germany we have speed limits from 30km/h up to unlimited and if you are e.g. having calls in the car you can never be sure what the current limit is. My AP2.5 just uses the google maps information which doesn‘t work for temporary limits at all.
    2. Trunc automation! I use the frunc not that often so could live with the existing solution. And my Model X at least gently opens the driver door when I‘m approaching with my hands loaded.
    3. Blind spot warning! It would be sufficient for me to have that in the driver‘s display by the way.
    4. Virtual 360 view for parking assistance!
    5. Much better media integration!

    As you can see 4 of my 5 points match with yours! And funny enough all 5 features could be realized via software updates, because equipped with 8 cameras already it is just about using them!!! Not to mention that I already had all these features in my former cars (traffic sign recognition for nearly a decade already!).
    So that shows that Tesla‘s focus on developing AP further, improve navigation or build Model 3 software restricts them in doing their homework properly. From cars in that price segment you could really expect these ‚bread and butter‘ features to be standard! And unless I wouldn‘t be sure to have the best car in the world anyway that would really bother me?
    The good thing is I am sure all of the features will be within an OTA update some day (Elon time).

    Keep up the great work and may be give Elon a tweed about your list??

  18. The frunk door has to be lached like this to comply with regulations. It's made like this so it can't open and slam on your windshield 🙂 Hope they find a way to make opening and closing it smoother.
    BMWs surround view I think it's the best at the time. All manufacturers should copy it. Agree with you on blindspot indicators.

  19. I like your channel, but I'm still hung up on your long trips ICE confession.

    Let me ask you this: do you care about the environment?

    To me, that means making sacrifices. For example (what I did), buying as somewhat more expensive car and having to spend a bit more time on long road trips.

    I think many of you subscribers would appreciate answer. Tesla and other EVs are technologically cool cars, but concern for the environment is the core of my interest.

  20. By far my top want is a HUD. I recently drove a BMW X1 and was shocked at how good the HUD was, with the information displayed 'floating' out in the distance, a boon to drivers like me that wears glasses for distance viewing. No need to look over or under the glasses to read the HUD.

  21. Based upon your wish list some of these options are available on cheaper vehicles that you have not got in what you think is the best vehicle on the market. I would suggest many other car buyers would expect all the features you want as standard in as car as expensive as a model S.

  22. All interesting ideas, none of which my current car has so I wouldn’t miss them on a Tesla. Each of the current 3 Tesla models lacks on old feature that my current 13 year old petrol Jaguar has that I would miss. The Model S is not approved for towing, the Model X second row of seats don’t fold flat (or so I believe, please correct if I’m wrong), and the Model 3 lacks a hatchback or estate version, I really don’t think I could manage with just a boot. I currently drive a Jaguar X type estate that ticks all these boxes but can’t wait for the day I can go green and get an EV. Still waiting…

  23. While you're bringing up the interior of the Lucid Air, you're just reminding me that I'd love to have the Air when it comes out. Even without the reclining rear seats, the rear seating area is so much better for your friends. I'd also have liked, old school though it is, iPod integration. The Model S presumes that you loaded your music onto a USB drive, or that you're listening to streaming music. While I do that once in a while, with either Pandora or Mixcloud, usually the iPod is my source of music in the car.

  24. Unfortunately, Tesla did not invent the frunk. My 1972 VW Super Beetle had a "frunk" as did many other cars prior to mine. Not complaining, just saying ….

    I'd like to see Tesla make decent use of Head Up Display. My 1992 Pontiac Bonneville SSE had it. I could envision Tesla using it to augment blind spot awareness or a myriad of other things.

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