How to know what size 4-Pin Socket Spanner you need for slotted locknut @ Motorcycle Dirtbike ATV

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These types of locknuts are often found in various locations on many vehicles, especially motorcycle, dirtbike, atv, scooter, and other powersport vehicles’ clutch nut, oil rotor, counterbalance shaft nut, motor mount nut, swingarm nut and others.

These are some of main types of specialty tool 4-pin sockets for most powersport vehicles.

Some common sizes of these types of special tools are:
20mm, 24mm, 27mm, 30mm, 32mm, 34mm, 36mm

These are some of the commons sizes for these types of specialty pullers.

In order to determine which size you need (if you have no idea beforehand), measure the diameter of the slots on your locknut. Usually, you will round that measurement up to the next half mm, and then you can search online for that size and your year, make, model of vehicle.

For example, if you measured 23mm threads on your locknut, and need the tool for a 2004 Honda Rebel 250 Clutch Nut (or whatever it is), you could then search online by the term “24mm Socket Spanner” on “Honda Rebel 250”. And you will likely find what you need online. Always compare the dimensions of the tool indicated in the ad vs the size you need.

This video has some tips on how to determine which tool you need to search for.

We sell all of these types of tools and many more on our eBay & Amazon store as well. See links below and search for your model and part you are trying to remove.


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